Digital lighting

Simon unveiled Organic Light – A digital oasis that captivated attendees at the Light+Building Frankfurt 2024 fair, brought to life by Lumalia Studio

Simon showcased its latest innovations for home, office, and urban settings at the leading lighting and technology fair, Light + Building Frankfurt 2024. This event boasted 2,169 exhibitors and 151,192 visitors, with 51% hailing from outside Germany. Among the standout offerings was Organic Light, a cutting-edge dynamic urban lighting proposal that creates immersive atmospheres through […]

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Webinar: Want to learn how digital lighting becomes a fundamental element of contemporary spaces?

We invite you to explore the implementation of this project: an innovative concept of digital lighting covering over 1,100m2 integrated into the ceiling of L’illa shopping center. Don’t miss our exciting webinar on #dynamicdigitalillumination! 🚀 🚀 Presented by two exceptional creative minds: Laura Quintana Fernández from Batlleiroig and Víctor Valcárcel Carracedo from LUMALIA Studio, this […]

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A huge digital lighting canvas spanning 1,100 sqm captivates at the L’illa Diagonal shopping center

L’illa Diagonal, the first shopping center built in Barcelona, is set to conclude an ambitious renovation by the end of 2024 with an investment of 35 million euros, marking an architectural milestone that will redefine the shopping, art, and cultural experience. The refurbishment encompasses both exterior and interior areas, to maintain its status as the […]

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The city of Mataró shines with its innovative digital multimedia facade, composed of more than 300 digital lighting slats

– Mataró is now illuminated with light and creativity thanks to the unveiling of its groundbreaking interactive multimedia facade at L’Espai Mataró Connecta. This remarkable installation became possible through the collaboration of Artec Studio, Lumalia Studio, and ProtoPixel, enabling the display of various artistic productions and allowing citizens to create interactive content. It has become […]

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Puerto Venecia completes the first phase of remodeling one of its outdoor areas, including the new outdoor digital façade

Puerto Venecia launches a new image and among them is completed with the new dynamic digital facade of more than 140 m2 of total surface. Puerto Venecia located in Zaragoza, is in the process of an ambitious remodeling project for its outdoor areas. The first phase of the project, the terrace area, which ended at […]

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LED DREAM presents new company LUMALIA STUDIO, specialist in dynamic digital lighting

The lighting design and setting of new spaces has been transformed thanks to technological advances in lighting control. Lighting designers continue to search for new technologies that add value to their projects, and from that need, Lumalia was born. Designed to provide new technological solutions using differentiating and innovative materials. This new creative lighting concept, […]

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