Curved and Flexible LED Display

Curved and Flexible LED Display

Technology and LED screens for creative spaces and unique experiences

Discover a full range of video technology at LED DREAM through all its LED products: indoor and outdoor LED screens, rigid and flexible LED curtains and LED flooring along with all its applications, notably Digital Signage. Our showroom serves us to exhibit a wide range of LED products for our clients to see and almost feel their future LED screen.

Curved and Flexible LED Display

For many businesses, Curved & Flexible LED screens are one of the most attractive elements out there. Indeed, their flexibility and adaptability make them an ideal fit for both fixed installations and indoor spaces. Designers and interior designers together with architects tend to value their versatility and innovativeness, given that these elements blend in well with architectural projects like buildings. This allows them to create unique and astonishing spaces like shopping centers, corporate hall entrances, stores, fairs, museums, airports, game rooms, hotels, residences, buildings, artwork etc.

Different modular designs are available: ultralight - lightweight and flexible models, with different resolutions for indoor and outdoor use and different degrees of transparency. Additionally, our screens come in different shapes and curves: Wave, Cylinder, flexible arc, concave and convex, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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Immersive in-store experiences

Recommendation: It is important to understand that when a customer purchases a LED display he is buying a visual equipment that is going to be exposed to very adverse working conditions: many daily and continuous hours of operation, and very adverse environments or climates (storms, snowfall and aggressive winds, high and low temperatures, as well as sudden temperature changes in the space of a few hours, poorly ventilated indoor spaces, humidity, solar incidence that prematurely deteriorates materials, etc). Therefore, quality is very important when purchasing a LED display. Certainly, the price has to be very competitive. However, budget aside, it is important to consider the product’s quality guarantees and the company from which a screen is acquired, if it disposes of an engineering department to advise you on its proper use and installation, the existence of a technical service for maintenance and repairs, as well as a quality after-sales service.