We create one-of-a-kind digital experiences

We are technology

We are an audiovisual engineering company who specialize in providing innovative technological solutions through LED technology, Digital Signage and digital Lighting.

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Grupo Led Dream

What makes us different

We provide our clients with comprehensive 360º solutions, tailored to their needs and create breath-taking new spaces and experiences. We address every single step of a project, from choosing constituents, to distribution, design and full execution coverage.

Our work and our projects are our best business card!


We are experts in the fields of LED technology, Digital Signage & Digital Lighting. Therefore, we offer full coverage in the execution of your projects as we’ll provide you the following services: Consulting and technical advising, distribution, set-up, guarantee, maintenance, reparation and launching.


Our technology combined with a pinch of creativity and a sense of innovation have led us to where we are today. We successfully design and develop projects tailored to the needs of our clients and partners together with the type of architecture or space used, thus enhancing your experience and creating breath-taking spaces.


We create, develop, and manage interactive digital and audiovisual content. The added value we bring to your project simplifies everything as we always have the user’s experience in mind.

Our Team

Engineers, architects, marketing experts, designers, multimedia, audiovisual technicians, and structural engineers… working in perfect harmony towards the success of your project.

Led Dream’s best asset is its multidisciplinary team. That’s why we want you to meet our family #leaddreamcrew. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in space digitalization projects, especially when it comes to big scale LED installations.

Josep Querol

Presidente Led Dream

Núria Martínez

Multimedia Dept Manager

Carlos Delgado

COO Engineer

Alfons Torres

Sales Department Manager

Sheyla Ynope

Marketing Manager

Carlos Gordillo

Sales and Marketing Group Manager

Quico Martín

CTO Digital Signage

Daniel Cáliz

Technical Department

Sergio García

CTO Led Displays

Manu Sánchez

Technical Department

Sandra Fernández

Customer Support department

Jordi Ventura

Technical Department

Daniel Serrano

Creative Content Designer

Natalia Salvador

Creative Content Designer

Ferran Andrada

Creative Content Designer

Jose Luis Diaz

Business Development Manager

Eddy Ariza

Technical Department

Sergio Mellado

LED Structures Specialist

Sergio carrasco

Sergio Carrasco

Business Development Manager

Albert Ciruelo

Finance Department