Simon unveiled Organic Light – A digital oasis that captivated attendees at the Light+Building Frankfurt 2024 fair, brought to life by Lumalia Studio

Simon unveiled Organic Light – A digital oasis that captivated attendees at the Light+Building Frankfurt 2024 fair, brought to life by Lumalia Studio

Simon showcased its latest innovations for home, office, and urban settings at the leading lighting and technology fair, Light + Building Frankfurt 2024. This event boasted 2,169 exhibitors and 151,192 visitors, with 51% hailing from outside Germany.

Among the standout offerings was Organic Light, a cutting-edge dynamic urban lighting proposal that creates immersive atmospheres through the movement and color of light. The stand design, situated in the technical lighting hall, was curated by Antoni Arola Studio in collaboration with Jordi Tamayo Studio, renowned for its interior design and spatial concepts, providing a warm and inviting space.

Shaping a digital oasis that transcends sensory immersion, this space embodies a unique fusion of technology and art, where light becomes a medium for crafting exciting and memorable experiences.

This space morphs into an enveloping and captivating environment through its various light scenes, catering to momentary needs, from the expansiveness and brightness of open skies to the intimacy and warmth of dawn. Designed as a sanctuary of celestial hues within a dome-shaped structure, it serves as a three-dimensional canvas for light projections, offering a dynamic platform for artistic expression and creativity.

This installation encapsulated the essence of vibrant atmospheres with its innovative dynamic light design, composed of digital panels with a tensioned textile diffuser designed by Lumalia Studio and an intelligent control system managed by Protopixel. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to offer an immersive and astonishing experience that challenges expectations and stimulates the senses.

Organic Light represents a technologically-focused solution seamlessly integrating with the surrounding architecture of contemporary cities, emphasizing nature through its shifting illumination and offering dynamic, state-of-the-art solutions for urban spaces.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation, design, and technology, Simon continues to solidify its position as a global leader in lighting and technology solutions. They aim to expand their offerings, further specializing in experiential lighting projects and management, to deliver unique and exciting experiences that inspire.

Credits: Pictures by Simon


Organic Light by Simon




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