The Spanish Retail Association (AER) held its inaugural Retail Congress: HORIZON 2025 in Madrid

The Spanish Retail Association (AER) held its inaugural Retail Congress: HORIZON 2025 in Madrid

A pioneering event shaping the future of retail in Spain

On Wednesday, June 12th, the Spanish Retail Association (AER) hosted its Retail Congress: HORIZON 2025, an event that allowed us to glimpse into the future of retail alongside leading experts who shared strategic insights for success. This exclusive event brought together over 300 senior executives from the Spanish retail sector and was streamed live, reaching hundreds of industry professionals.

Throughout the day, experts such as Laureano Turienzo Esteban (AER), Pedro Álvarez Ondina (CaixaBank Research), Ramón Portilla (Human X Insights), and Charles Kirby (EY) presented their perspectives on the future of retail. Topics ranged from consumer demands and talent management to sustainability, featuring contributions from companies like Enrique Tomás, KPMG Spain, Norauto Spain, and The Walt Disney Company, among others.

The event also showcased best practice presentations by major corporations. IKEA, Grupo IskayPet, by SuperVista España, and MediaMarkt España shared their innovative strategies in customer experience, management, personalization, and channel enhancement.

LEDDREAM at Horizonte 2025

LEDDREAM also attended this event, a day during which we identified the trends and strategies that will shape the future of retail in the coming years, with participation from major industry leaders sharing their ideas for achieving success. We continue to draw inspiration from creating innovative and engaging experiences for customers that deeply resonate and foster loyalty at the point of sale. We deeply thank AER for making this enriching event possible and Patricia Carballedo Castro for her exceptional organizational work.

The Retail Congress: HORIZON 2025 was a must-attend event for professionals in the sector, providing a platform to explore emerging trends and strategies that will define the future of retail in Spain. AER has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in retail by creating a space for learning and collaboration.

We thank all participants and collaborators for their valuable contributions to this significant event.





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