Beatriz building lobby: A fusion of innovation and creativity in a 3D journey through history

Beatriz building lobby: A fusion of innovation and creativity in a 3D journey through history

A timeless architectural gem gets a modern makeover with cutting-edge technology

A Legacy of Excellence Meets Innovation

The Beatriz Building, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Eleuterio Población Knappe, has undergone a comprehensive renovation in recent years, seamlessly blending its original architectural essence with innovative and contemporary materials. With a rich history spanning nearly five decades, the Beatriz Building stands as one of the capital's most emblematic landmarks, consistently recognized for its exceptional management, magnificent facilities, and a wide range of services.

Elevating the Lobby Experience with Immersive Digital Displays

As the crowning jewel of the lobby's 2018 renovation, the year 2020 saw the Beatriz Building embrace the cutting edge of technology, equipping the hall with state-of-the-art digital displays. Upon entering the lobby, visitors are greeted by two captivating large-format LED screens showcasing creative content that enriches their experience and provides useful, up-to-date information about happenings within and around the building.

We tell the story of the Beatriz Building, closely linked to the figure of Beatriz Galindo, known as La Latina, including 3D content based on gardens and a symbolic sculpture of the building's architecture.

A Journey Through Time and Art

The digital displays narrate the captivating story of the Beatriz Building, deeply intertwined with the life of Beatriz Galindo, also known as La Latina. The immersive content seamlessly blends 3D elements inspired by the building's gardens and an iconic architectural sculpture.

A Partnership for Innovation

To bring this digital project to life, Viviendas y Oficinas (Vyosa), the building's management company, partnered with LED DREAM Group, a renowned leader in innovation and cutting-edge technology integration for immersive spaces. LED DREAM Group oversaw the entire project, from conceptualization and design to supply, installation, commissioning, and the launch of a stunning 21m² LED screen.

Unparalleled Visual Spectacle

The main reception area now features a captivating LED screen with a 2.6mm black LED pixel pitch, delivering near-4K resolution, exceptional image quality, and outstanding color depth. This impressive display seamlessly showcases 3D content and experiential loops. Complementing this visual feast is another LED screen, measuring 3.5m x 3.5m, with a 2.6mm pixel pitch and an exceptional 2500 nits brightness, positioned near the El Beatriz Madrid auditorium, ensuring an unparalleled visual experience.

Channel4you: Creative Storytelling at its Finest

Channel4you, LED DREAM Group's creative content studio, drew inspiration from the art, architecture, and history of the Beatriz Building to craft captivating audiovisual displays. Alongside content chronicling the building's rich heritage, the displays feature mesmerizing 3D digital gardens customized with an iconic architectural sculpture and captivating experiential loops.

Channel4you has designed a range of visually captivating content, crafted from an artistic perspective, to surprise and inform Beatriz Building users simultaneously.

A Canvas for Artistic Expression

Channel4you has curated a diverse range of visual content pieces, each meticulously designed from an artistic perspective to both surprise and inform Beatriz Building users. These captivating displays encompass themes ranging from the beauty of nature to the interplay of textures, the animation of the Beatriz Building logo, and dynamic real-time content showcasing stock market updates, time and weather information, and interactive information about corporate services and events.

A Journey Through Time and Innovation

These captivating digital elements not only inform but also convey the building's rich history through a captivating narrative design, allowing users to appreciate the building's origins and evolution from its inception to its current status as a beacon of innovation, exclusivity, and design, forging a seamless connection between the past and present.

To heighten the immersive visual experience, Channel4you has crafted an interactive piece featuring 3D particles that mimic the fluid, sand-like movement of wind-blown dunes.

Immersive Storytelling: A Gateway to Imagination

To further enhance the immersive visual experience, Channel4you has designed an interactive piece featuring 3D particles that evoke a fluid, sand-like movement. This dynamic and flowing content offers captivating aesthetics and invites users on an introspective journey, encouraging them to delve into their imaginations and discover unique meanings with each visual transformation.

LED DREAM Group: Pioneering Immersive Experiences

LED DREAM Group remains at the forefront of innovation, making a significant mark in the industry by designing immersive spaces that seamlessly blend technology and architecture to create unique and captivating experiences. Every detail of this space is meticulously crafted to inspire and deliver an unparalleled experience for all Beatriz Building users.






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