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Beatriz building lobby: A fusion of innovation and creativity in a 3D journey through history

A timeless architectural gem gets a modern makeover with cutting-edge technology A Legacy of Excellence Meets Innovation The Beatriz Building, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Eleuterio Población Knappe, has undergone a comprehensive renovation in recent years, seamlessly blending its original architectural essence with innovative and contemporary materials. With a rich history spanning nearly […]

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CUPRA inaugurates its first City Garage in Madrid, the largest in the world. A spacious venue that pays tribute to the diversity and culture of Madrid

CUPRA lands in Madrid with the opening of the world’s largest City Garage, an innovative and disruptive space located at 88 Serrano Street, in the heart of the Salamanca district. This iconic venue pays homage to Madrid and its diversity. Coinciding with the brand’s sixth anniversary, it aims to connect with the city’s cultural agenda […]

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Under Armor has relied on LEDDREAM Group to expand its presence in the United Kingdom

Under Armour has enlisted LEDDREAM Group to expand its presence in the United Kingdom by opening three brand-owned stores in key cities. This move is part of the brand’s expansion and strengthening of its direct-to-consumer channel, a key element of its new growth plan in the UK and EMEA region. Following the opening of its […]

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LEDDREAM together with its associates and partners are changing the face of DOOH advertising in Spain

Advertising, like art, is at its best when it evokes an emotional response in the viewer. This is especially true for large-format digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, which has been shown to drive strong emotional reactions that are ultimately linked to increased buying likelihood.  The similarities between art and advertising are nothing new. Still, as industry investment in […]

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