LEDDREAM together with its associates and partners are changing the face of DOOH advertising in Spain

LEDDREAM together with its associates and partners are changing the face of DOOH advertising in Spain

Advertising, like art, is at its best when it evokes an emotional response in the viewer. This is especially true for large-format digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, which has been shown to drive strong emotional reactions that are ultimately linked to increased buying likelihood. 

The similarities between art and advertising are nothing new. Still, as industry investment in the big, the bold, and the multi-sensory grows, LEDDREAM is taking that comparison further by leveraging the latest innovations in DOOH technology to create immersive experiences that turn LED displays into works of public art. 

A commitment to innovation and digitization

Founded in 2008, an era where digital screens (especially those with LED technology) were relatively new to the Spanish market, LEDDREAM Group is now an audiovisual engineering company with more than 15 years of experience working on projects across Europe, North America, and Africa. As the audiovisual sector evolved and the demand for innovative products grew, LEDDREAM began to introduce these new solutions to its portfolio of products and services. This investment would provide added value to customers and partners. The company’s digital signage network has since grown to include more than 300 screens in various formats, from professional monitors in retail chains to spectaculars in corporate buildings and large outdoor DOOH screens.

LEDDREAM is much more than a digital signage media owner, though. Today, it specializes in comprehensive technology solutions based on LED technology, providing digital content creation and lighting solutions through specialized companies Channel4you and Lumalia Studio. As a technological partner, they offer their clients innovative 360° solutions to give life to different spaces, helping to design and create immersive digital experiences adapted to the unique architecture of the venues involved.

Immersive and engaging digital art with DOOH

By participating in all value chain phases, from consulting and design to the supply, installation, and execution of digital signage systems and other tech supports, LEDDREAM can define audiovisual solutions that best align with the client’s business objectives. Working closely with clients to design the best digitization strategy for communications campaigns, the company can leverage the most innovative tech solutions on the market to bring outdoor and architectural locations to life – all with the goal of increasing the user experience.

Through Channel4you, they design different pieces of ad-hoc visual content from an artistic perspective, always aiming to evoke an emotional response in site visitors. But many of the company’s most emblematic projects have gone even further, turning large-format LED installations into dynamic works of digital public art. For the lobby of Diagonal 123’s corporate office in Barcelona, LEDDREAM converted a giant 50m2 LED mural into a moving digital art piece, transporting visitors to the places and landscapes depicted with 3D motion graphics and close to 4K resolution.

In the reception of 86D Velázquez, an office building in the business district of central Madrid, they created an immersive digital experience featuring a 45m2 LED display turned into a modern digital painting where different digital art content is exhibited. To enhance these immersive digital experiences, LEDDREAM also designs personalized and dynamic content templates that offer real-time weather information, directories, services, events in the area, and a cultural agenda of interest to visitors.

LEDDREAM’s creativity has no limits, they also designed, developed, and executed a new concept of digital multimedia façade of more than 140m2 in the Puerto Venecia shopping center. A large format outdoor experience in Zaragoza, the double-sided 32m2 LED screen in one of the center’s main entrances displays entertaining digital media to visitors, promoting on-site experiences to enjoy with family and friends.

Another attractive digital element is the new facade on die-cut panels, designed and produced by Lumalia Studio, which enhances the space both technologically and architecturally, expanding the screen’s content and contrasting it with colour ranges and dynamic lighting. The resulting experience is engaging and immersive, combining 2D and 3D anamorphic content with synchronized digital effects —though they can work independently for more specific applications. The third element that completes and integrates the space is the extension of dynamic lighting along the stands. The content and video effects of the digital façade are enlarged in an immersive way following the movements, and chromatic ranges are reproduced in a natural way.

When it comes to DOOH, LEDDREAM understands that some of the best advertising happens when engaging experiences are created. Together with Think Agency, the company displayed exciting digital canvases over the holidays that featured anamorphic 3D content to promote the new Xiaomi 12TPro smartphone from electronics company Xiaomi. With spectacular digital screens in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Center in Barcelona, and later expanded to other Spanish cities like Madrid, shoppers were delighted to watch the smartphone unbox right before them. When the phone’s accessories were revealed, the display simulated taking photos of audiences, an exciting surprise that caused a splash on social media.

Scaling its artistic vision with Broadsign

To build on this innovative 360° approach, LEDDREAM needed to invest in scalable technology that could support various formats and devices—especially given the complex nature of their unique and large-scale projects. The audiovisual company was impressed by the intuitive interface and powerful stack of end-to-end digital signage solutions included in Broadsign’s DOOH platform. Once stakeholders at LEDDREAM discovered Broadsign’s integrated digital signage platform’s benefits, including automated campaign workflows, multi-screen playback, and the ability to monitor and make changes to their network in real time, an exciting partnership was formed.

With Broadsign by its side, LEDDREAM has only strengthened its impressive commitment to ongoing innovation and digitization. It successfully designs and creates cutting-edge digital experiences that combine technology, artistic creativity, and dynamic DOOH to transform architectural and outdoor spaces. The company wants to continue inspiring more personal and intuitive OOH experiences that improve users’ lives and contribute to a more sustainable future. By partnering with world-class leaders in DOOH solutions, like Broadsign, LEDDREAM has set itself up to make almost any idea possible. Explore more innovative projects, here

From LED DREAM Group, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technological solutions. We continue to provide new digital solutions to our partners and customers!

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