The city of Mataró shines with its innovative digital multimedia facade, composed of more than 300 digital lighting slats

The city of Mataró shines with its innovative digital multimedia facade, composed of more than 300 digital lighting slats

- Mataró is now illuminated with light and creativity thanks to the unveiling of its groundbreaking interactive multimedia facade at L’Espai Mataró Connecta. This remarkable installation became possible through the collaboration of Artec Studio, Lumalia Studio, and ProtoPixel, enabling the display of various artistic productions and allowing citizens to create interactive content. It has become the new digital symbol of the city and a driving force behind the revitalization of this area of Mataró.

- LEDDREAM Group took charge of manufacturing, engineering, installation, and execution of the entire digital multimedia facade through Lumalia Studio, a company within the group specialized in creating and executing dynamic digital lighting projects. The digital multimedia facade spans 36 meters in width and is composed of more than 300 specially designed and manufactured digital lighting slats for this unique project.

The Mataró City Council, committed to revitalizing economic activity and improving the urban commercial environment, announced the launch of its new digital architectural facade at L’Espai Mataró Connecta, located at Plaza de la Muralla 21, on July 24th. This innovative digital facade offers a new dimension of interaction and creativity for both residents and visitors. The grand opening dazzled with Soundscapes and Sensations of Mataró, an exciting multisensory journey capturing the essence of the city, including elements such as the sea, mountains, culture, and heritage, in a creative audiovisual piece lasting 6 minutes and 30 seconds, created by Artec Studio. It represents a milestone in the fusion of design, technology, and art inspired by the city.

This multimedia facade consists of vertical slats with RGB LED pixels, allowing natural light to enter and making it visible from the outside. What truly sets this impressive technology apart is its advanced control and lighting system. Thanks to this system, the City Council staff can generate and project dynamic and interactive content through an intuitive mobile application and internet connection. The digital multimedia facade becomes a constantly evolving digital canvas, capable of captivating the public with its creativity and enhancing their urban experience.

The installation's control system is managed via a computer over the internet through an application, offering the ability to choose the lighting scenes to display, adjust parameters such as light and color, control the speed of the content, customize text, background colors, letter dimensions, and even automate the launch of lighting scenes. It also allows for generating content linked to audio input, playing videos, and creating interactive content through sensors.

Design, technology, and digital lighting merge to give life to an immersive and innovative space at L’Espai Mataró Connecta. This fascinating digital lighting project was led by the lighting design studio Artec Studio, with significant collaboration from their partner, LEDDREAM Group, which handled the manufacturing, engineering, supply, and installation of the entire digital multimedia facade of Espai Mataró Conecta. LEDDREAM Group executed the dynamic lighting aspect through Lumalia Studio, a group company specializing in dynamic digital lighting projects.

The design and concept of the digital multimedia facade, as well as the production of the audiovisual piece, were directed by Artec Studio, with city sounds provided by Mapasonor. Meanwhile, Lumalia Studio was responsible for manufacturing and installation, and ProtoPixel handled the programming. Together, they successfully created an advanced control and lighting system for this innovative installation.

The digital multimedia facade spans 36 meters in width and 3.25 meters in height, composed of 311 luminous slats specially designed and manufactured for this building. These slats combine to create an interactive multimedia screen capable of generating a stunning variety of visual effects. With over 1.07 billion unique color combinations in its repertoire, this facade offers a truly impressive visual spectacle. Each slat consists of two lighting modules: one for RGB dynamic digital lighting and another for functional white lighting. Control is based on the SPI protocol, allowing content customization, the creation of new lighting scenes, and access to a library of predefined scenes.

This impressive interactive architectural facade becomes a distinctive symbol of the city and a catalyst for the revitalization of the area. In addition to illuminating the center of Mataró, it will serve as a digital platform for institutional campaigns, cultural activities, event information, public services, and local artistic projects, promoting creativity and the city's identity. Creative & Strategy Studio:

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