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The city of Mataró shines with its innovative digital multimedia facade, composed of more than 300 digital lighting slats

– Mataró is now illuminated with light and creativity thanks to the unveiling of its groundbreaking interactive multimedia facade at L’Espai Mataró Connecta. This remarkable installation became possible through the collaboration of Artec Studio, Lumalia Studio, and ProtoPixel, enabling the display of various artistic productions and allowing citizens to create interactive content. It has become […]

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Puerto Venecia completes the first phase of remodeling one of its outdoor areas, including the new outdoor digital façade

Puerto Venecia launches a new image and among them is completed with the new dynamic digital facade of more than 140 m2 of total surface. Puerto Venecia located in Zaragoza, is in the process of an ambitious remodeling project for its outdoor areas. The first phase of the project, the terrace area, which ended at […]

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