LED DREAM | LED display calibration

LED DREAM | LED display calibration

Once again, LED DREAM demonstrates being aware of the latest advances in LED technology, providing innovations that improve the performance of our products, as well as our services.

One of the last examples is the improvements implemented on the screen integrated in the facade of the Gran Jonquera Shopping Center, in the province of Girona, with an area of ​​150sqm (approximately 30m long by 5m high). After three years of operation for more than 16 hours a day, 365 days a year, in this flagship installation of our company, an intervention of brightness and calibration readjustment of LED modules had been made to balance the color differences due to long-time usage.

The result of this intervention was the achievement of a perfect balance of the screen colorimetry after making all the necessary adjustments in the nearly 600 cabinets. The result was spectacular, being inappreciable some color, tone, or brightness differences, which occurred between different areas of the screen.

All this has been done thanks to a powerful management and adjustment software, as well as a specific digital SLR camera and telephoto lens. This specific hardware has allowed us to achieve the perfect adjustment which, due to the magnitude of the screen and the difficulty of external factors (night works, parking, mall lights, and so on), has exceeded the expectations of our customers and even ourselves. It is only necessary to see the 'before' and 'after'.

LED DREAM extends its services portfolio to customers who have LED screens and require this adjustment and calibration.

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