The Tecnohito terrace opens with the broadcast of a special program “Day by day” by Radio Benidorm

The Tecnohito terrace opens with the broadcast of a special program “Day by day” by Radio Benidorm

A special program, with special guests from the top of Tecnohito, 22 meters high.

On June 22, Radio Benidorm opened the terrace of the #Tecnohito on Avenida Mediterráneo in Benidorm, to broadcast its special program <Hoy por Hoy 103.8FM>. Twenty-two meters high and with impressive views of the city, it has had the participation of the councilors José Ramón González de Zárate, Ana Pellicer, Mónica Gómez and Jesús Carrobles; two members involved in the design of the Tecnohito; the manager of Visit Benidorm and the president of COBRECA.

The terrace of the #Tecnohito de Benidorm opens

Joaquín Alvado Bañon-y-tecnohitoThe Councilor for Works and Public Space of Benidorm, José Ramón González de Zárate, has opened this special program talking about the budget allocated to the construction of the Tecnohito, investing 11 million euros in the remodeling of Avenida Mediterráneo. The objective of this remodeling was to convert the city of Benidorm into an experiential, technological and experiential city for the citizen.

Tecnohito de BenidormIt also had the participation of the architect Joaquín Alvado Bañon, ICCP Miguel Ángel Crespo Zaragoza, (and Guía Consultores) directors of the work and integral design of the Tecnohito, and they have told how the process of creating the Tecnohito began two years ago, from the brainstorming initial to final installation. The councilor for Historical and Cultural Heritage, Ana Pellicer, and Mónica Gómez, have commented on the exhibition of the monumental sculptures by the artist Cristóbal Gabarrón that make up the exhibition of <Las Torres de la Alhambra> and the beaches of Benidorm. A special program, with special guests from the top of Tecnohito and 22 meters high. (Credit Photos: Radio Benidorm)

Tecnohito, new digital icon of Benidorm

It is one of the most innovative digital elements in Europe: the Tecnohito, a circular outdoor LED screen of more than 300m2. This new 22-meter-high digital icon of the city will be used for advertising and institutional actions and live shows, among other audiovisual content/events.

Tecnohito de BenidormFor this comprehensive renovation project, Benidorm City Council has relied on the Orthem - Emurtel joint venture, who in turn have worked hand in hand with their partner LED DREAM Group, who took charge of the project from conceptualization, design, supply and implementation. of LED technology for the execution and start-up of the Tecnohito and the Tecnoparada. These two digital elements have been designed to improve the experience of citizens and create a unique, avant-garde and technological environment in Benidorm.

The Tecnohito, one of the most distinctive and innovative works of engineering in Europe, will become the largest cylindrical LED curtain screen installed to date. The support structure has been an authentic work of engineering and is made up of a modular LED curtain system, which considerably reduces weight and is not obstructed by wind thanks to its high level of transparency (67%), which allows greater visibility of the structure and its integration.

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