Madrid will have a new 3D digital canvas this Christmas

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Madrid will have a new 3D digital canvas this Christmas

We created a 3D digital canvas in Madrid, a unique and special design for this Christmas (Plaza Colon)

LEDDREAM Group together with the Think agency, they revolutionize Madrid with digital canvases and anamorphic 3D content - #Madled will be installed in the Plaza de Colón until December 31.

If until now the main screens were on Gran Vía, this Christmas the capital will have a new digital canvas located in Plaza de Colón, in the commercial Calle Serrano, on the corner with Calle Goya; one of the areas with the highest pedestrian and vehicle traffic in Madrid.

Nearly 30 square meters of led screen in the shape of a "cube", create an immersive experience, merging the most avant-garde technology with creativity, designing different ad hoc content, from an artistic perspective in which the elements move towards the viewer, providing emotion and surprise to the pedestrian at all times, causing a furor on social networks.

This screen has a 4mm pixel pitch, close to 1,400,000 LEDs, and a brightness of 6,500 nits, for a perfect display of the content both day and night. But, above all, its uniqueness lies in its perfect 90 degree screen format (Seamless), this LED screen design is specially manufactured and customized for this project.

In the middle of the debate on energy saving in cities and, specifically, during the Christmas holidays, the managers of Think and LEDDREAM Group affirm that the LED technology used works with "energy efficiency and effectiveness", with a minimum consumption of energy and adapted to the lighting conditions of the moment.

Madled is looking for a new way to promote products by betting on unique LED structures whose 3D format has already proven its effectiveness in Barcelona during the presentation of the new Xiaomi T12 Pro at the Diagonal Mal shopping center. This creativity will continue to be screened in Madrid, as well as the campaign "Ourense Takes Speed", the high-speed train that connects the capital with the Galician city in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

On November 17, Madled was inaugurated serving as support for the Madrid City Council to present the official San Silvestre jersey in 3D thanks to the creativity and production of the Think team, Led Dream Group, Casanova Agency, and HYPE.

From the beginning, Ángel Tapia from Think, Carlos Delgado from Led Dream Group, and María García Cordón from HYPE —the innovation and brand experience area of Exterior Plus— were convinced that this digital canvas would have to be part of the daily life of the people and that for this we would have to find the perfect place in each city. And Colón (Street Serrano corner / C/. Goya), is in Madrid.

Thus, until December 31, everyone who walks through this area will be able to enjoy the projections as part of the Christmas lights that are already on in the capital and that can be enjoyed on foot, by car, or on the buses that have since the Town Hall to make an interesting route.

Spectacular content in anamorphic 3D that leaves no one indifferent, created especially for this Christmas

For the design of this experience, in addition to the installation and the hardware elements, LEDDREAM Group has relied on Channel4You, a company that specialized in the creation and management of content from the same group, who took charge of all the creativity in 2D and 3D anamorphic. Channel4you has designed different pieces of Adhoc content from an artistic perspective while providing promotional and experiential content.

Within the digital proposal, Channel4you was also in charge of designing and creating the anamorphic 3D content of the official San Silvestre Vallecana 2022 jersey. Its new 3D design has been presented in a spectacular way through an LED screen in the Plaza of Columbus, in Madrid. This act has had Antonio Sabugueiro, one of the founders of San Silvestre Vallecana in 1964. It has been an honor! In addition, we can continue to see the anamorphic 3D of the new Xiaomi 12Tpro smartphone, thanks to an incredible effect of depth and volume where an unboxing of the product itself is creatively and spectacularly recreated, in which the accessories of the new smartphone are revealed. They move towards the viewer and display the latest in 200MP technology.

From LED DREAM Group, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technological solutions. We continue to provide new digital solutions to our partners and customers!

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