LED DREAM moving LED display for the Colombian brand ELA

LED DREAM moving LED display for the Colombian brand ELA

ELA, Colombia’s prestigious women's clothing brand which belongs to STUDIOF group, also placed its trust into LEDDREAM’s Digital Signage technology for its stores. The most impressive novelty for the brand is a mobile LED screen located in its new flagship at 83rd street in Bogota, Colombia. Our brand is in continuous world expansion!

The main and most outstanding feature of this LED screen is that it behaves like an elevator: it slides up and down through the whole store facade (4 floors!). The LED screen remains in movement thanks to a sophisticated system made up of an automation robotic system and two synchronized engines that accompany the screen up and down, at programmed speed. The system is completed by a set of gears, steel wires, Caterpillar trays for the installations etc.

Covering a total of 3.2 meters wide by 4.3 meters high, the 10mm pitch SMD3in1 LED type chosen for this project features a high-quality resolution of around 140 thousand pixels.

Given that the screen is always a behind display window, special low-emission neutral solar control glasses were installed to reduce heat gains and losses and external light reflection. This is without doubt a unique installation in the Colombian commercial heart.

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