Sonae Sierra and Led Dream renew the new image of the Valle Real shopping center

Sonae Sierra and Led Dream renew the new image of the Valle Real shopping center

The Valle Real shopping center located in the Camargo area (Cantabria), has been extensively reformed in order to improve all its internal common areas, and whose works are about to end this year. The project led by Sonae Sierra and (WeAre) Reify, had the collaboration of the construction company Copsesa and INEL-2000, and involved an investment of more than 10 million euros to renovate its common spaces. The objective of this complete internal renovation is to modernize the spaces of the shopping center of more than 48,000 square meters by adding innovative technological solutions, offering a high quality experience to the user, reinforcing its position as one of the reference centers in Cantabria.

For this project of integral renovation of the shopping center, the property has relied on its technological partner LEDDREAM Group, specialist in technological solutions based on LED displays, AV PRO material, digital content and dynamic digital lighting. For the remodeling of the new Bird Land children's plays area, and the 3 complete toilets of the shopping center.

The project includes the conceptualization, design and execution of all the audiovisual elements. LEDDREAM Group, took over of the project from the manufacture, supply and implementation of audiovisual digital elements and their support structures; the design, creation and adaptation of nature-inspired content in Cantabria for all screens under the Brightsign and Broadsign platforms, through which the implementation of 3D content and various HTML5 templates for the reproduction of dynamic content was carried out; and the implementation of the whole project. All these elements were perfectly integrated with the aim of transmitting a differential value, maintaining the essence of the Valle Real shopping center, with audiovisual technology as the protagonist.

BIRD LAND - Playful and visual space for the little ones

bird land en centro comercial Valle RealOne of its most attractive elements is the bird viewpoint called Bird Land, suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old, and in which they can learn about the birds that inhabit the Alday marshes in a dynamic and fun way. Inside the bird viewpoint, LEDDREAM Group has installed high-resolution Black Led screens. The mounting of these visual equipment in a trapezoidal shape and right angle, with inclination to the ground to offer better visibility from the base of the tower is one of the main attractions of this custom project and one of the most complex. For this reason, a modular structure and up to five different sizes of Led screens have been used that allow maximum versatility to achieve this trapezoidal shape, specially manufactured and designed for the project in the Valle Real shopping center.

In addition, LEDDREAM Group has taken charge of the design, creation and management of the informative content on the LED screens and the 3D design and animation of the birds. A “pet-bird” has been created for Bird Land, a mixture of 3D content and HTML5 code and that, in each fraction of 15 minutes of each hour, appears to the amusement and amazement of users marking the hours “cuckoo clock” style . In addition, other ad hoc content has been designed and created, such as those related to the natural landscapes of Cantabria or the various varieties of local birds.

A point of balance between creativity, design and LED screens in the toilets

The toilets have also been remodeled. This solution proposes to achieve a visual and emotional experience for customers thanks to LED technology to create a unique harmony and project different contents. This solution proposes to achieve a visual and emotional experience for customers thanks to the technology through which the potential of LED screens is harnessed to create a unique harmony and project different contents, among which spectacular images of the natural spaces of the the area such as the Picos de Europa, the Dunas de Liencres or Collados del Asón. The location of these elements in the men's and women's toilets are distributed throughout the center, which makes the project even more striking and differential. They have been supplied and installed 34 interior LED screens of different sizes and shapes, distributed in the 3 toilets of the shopping center, with a high resolution pixel pitch, high quality image processing and color depth. All the screens are synchronized with each other to show content in a unison way and respecting the space of each one thanks to the mapping of the contents.

Aseos centro comercial valle realIn addition, for the toilets were created and engraved pieces with drone adhoc of local natural landscapes; different toilets according to the season of the year have been set through natural textures of that season; On time, content has been carried out according to commercial actions and specific times of the year (Black Friday, Christmas, etc.). Without doubt, the toilets have become differential spaces. The LED technology has been integrated within a glass frame in a very esthetic and subtle way, fully accessible for later maintenance, and perfectly adapted to the space and furniture. It has been designed to avoid water and moisture on the screens, while adding dynamism and modernity to these spaces, and LED DREAM Group through its content partner Channel4you, he has taken over the creation and management of the content on his installed screens. 

From LED DREAM Group, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technological solutions, we continue to provide new digital solutions to our partners and customers!

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