New Glass LED Display!

New Glass LED Display!

We were proud to share with you our new transparent LED screen, GLASS LED Display!

It’s the best digital signage solution for showcases. Featuring close to 80% transparency rates, this LED screen offers a high visual performance. It is easy to see through the screen because it allows the natural light in; ideal for glassed areas (showcases, Windows, etc.) and indoor offices.

Its high brightness (6000 nits) strives to attract passers’-by attention from a distance thanks to remarkable video content. It can be perfectly integrated in any space. Its transparency design avoids the screen affecting the aesthetics of the building in which it is incorporated.

The GLASS LED Display is quite an exclusive model given its uniqueness. XT5 (Pitch 5mm), XT8 (Pitch 8mm) and XT10 (Pitch 10mm) models feature 960x1280mm dimensions and a weight of 18 Kg. SMD3525 LED has a splendid durability, of around 100.000 hours. These aspects convert GLASS LED Display in a durable and reliable product. Any maintenance or reparation is done by rear side of the LED modules.

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