The world’s largest outer concave LED screen illuminates the island of IBIZA

The world’s largest outer concave LED screen illuminates the island of IBIZA

ODYSSEY IBIZA LED is one of the biggest outdoor concave LED screens in Spain, as it covers a 400 m2 surface. This unique and exclusive promoting tool, lit-up Ibiza’s skyline back in March 2016, as it sought to give visibility to a limited number of sponsors among which the Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel as the main sponsor.

The LED screen was installed on the Hard Rock Hotel’s façade to beam 24 hours a day for an entire 6 months between May and October, along with the Ushuaïa Hotel and the Sublimotion Restaurant, all three located in the chicest part of Ibiza. The initiative was very well-received with an impressive 18 million views for the whole season, more than 8.640 daily hits, and 24 hours non-stop broadcasting.

An 8,7 º concavity, which creates a three-dimensional effect thanks to the greater sense of depth produced, offers a one-of-a-kind outdoor visual experience, on top of reducing image distortion and lateral light reflection. The supporting framework comprising a substructure of posts and anchorages was a true work of engineering as it was expected to secure the extra clear and laminated safety glass curtain wall. This complex piece of engineering features a 1,20 x 1,20m modulation, and a stainless-steel patch-type timely fastening system. Even with its screen switched off, the outcome is simply breath-taking.

The high definition modulable LED screen designed for exterior displays specific features as it had to fill conditions set by the client Hard Rock, but also by Ibiza authorities and the Aviation Safety Agency, and adapt to constraints compelled by the location itself. Indeed, every single horizontal beam of the piece of work is inclined at a very specific angle to avoid light pollution of the airspace and the island’s ecosystem. For the same reasons, all the enclosures that secure the brackets meant to hold the curtain wall up are uneven. A pioneering work of modern engineering and architecture and one of digital signage’s most important feats of in recent years.

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