GOOGLE Jamboard Partner simplifies digital communication in collaborative work environments

GOOGLE Jamboard Partner simplifies digital communication in collaborative work environments

The coronavirus is changing our behavioral habits, including in the workspace, where many of the medium and large sized companies are opting for telework, thus affecting the way in which we work. As the need for all kinds of collaborative work solutions grows, the demand for new technological tools that help decision-making, promote creativity, collaboration and teamwork also grows.

For all these reasons, it is now time to reinvent office spaces and digitalize them by using new reliable and easy to use collaboration technology tools. This digitalization involves encouraging worker’s creativity and intensifying the exchange of information and decision making, both for those physically present and those working remotely

Create, collaborate, and share your ideas in real time with your coworkers

As part of its continuous commitment to developing new technologies and constant innovation, LED DREAM is expanding its horizons with a new concept: the Google Jamboard, an interactive digital whiteboard designed for educational and corporate environments. The Google Jamboard allows for dynamic and bilateral team communication as up to 16 points of contact can be brought together through this platform. Thanks to this device, you can create and share ideas with your teammates in real-time and work together online, thus improving teams' digital skills and fostering a more dynamic and creative work environment.

This whiteboard combines simplicity in design, technology, and a pleasant experience. Indeed, this technological tool allows you to take creativity to the next level. It is easy to use and intuitive, allowing each user to interact either through it or from another device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile. In addition, it has wheels, allowing you to change rooms with ease.

Through the Google Jamboard, you will be able to draw, insert and share images and notes, share presentations, web pages, and import documents, spreadsheets, organize video calls, save PDFs, or share them by email, etc. In the end, the work and the information you develop upload themselves to the cloud (Google Cloud). You can also receive video calls with Google Meet... The uses are infinite!

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