Arusytis Prime makes its debut on Antena3’s new stage made up of a total 22m2 of LED displays

Arusytis Prime makes its debut on Antena3’s new stage made up of a total 22m2 of LED displays

Alfonso Arús, the Catalan TV presenter, came back on Friday the 22nd of November 2019 at prime time to host Antena 3’s new night program Aruser@as on La Sexta, after 25 years of absence from the screens. The new program will broadcast debates, interviews and real time connections on topics and personalities of greatest relevance, every Friday night

LED screens on a television set

ARUBA PRODUCCIONES SA, the producer of this show, continues its commitment towards digitizing and modernizing its spaces with a new image and design for its set. Indeed, the show did not hesitate to use LED technology (used to display information along with audiovisual and graphic material) to offer its audience a dynamic and optimal experience

To develop this project, Aruba Producciones S.A., the TV producer, placed its trust in LED DREAM, an Indoor & Outdoor Led solutions expert. Led DREAM thus took care of both distributing and installing Indoor LED screens destined to the set’s interview area for that season.

Thus, the newly designed stage boasts an astonishing 22m2 modular LED widescreen, featuring a 2,6mm pitch, superior image quality thanks to a spectacular resolution close to 4K and a high refresh rate for a perfect broadcasting through the cameras on set.

LED DREAM carried out the whole project between August (first phase) and October (right before the show’s debut). One of its main attractions is the curved concave design of the 11x2 linear meters large screen that runs all along the show’s set. For this to work, the screens were produced thanks to curved frames, allowing for versatility when manufacturing different screen formats. In all, the project was a success, resulting in a screen of spectacular design and a striking sight.

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