ISE 2024 Fair: Barcelona Shines with Cutting-Edge Technology

ISE 2024 Fair: Barcelona Shines with Cutting-Edge Technology

It's time to reflect on the past ISE 2024 fair in Barcelona, ​​an event that has exceeded all expectations! If you thought Barcelona already had it all, get ready to be amazed by what this fair has brought! ISE, recognized as the summit of technology and innovation, has once again shone in the Ciudad Condal, making Barcelona the global epicenter of the latest technological trends.

What makes the latest edition of ISE 2024 so special? Much more than you can imagine! This year, the fair has not only been a window to discover the latest technological innovations but has also boosted the economy of Barcelona. According to preliminary estimates, the fair has generated revenues exceeding 100 million euros for the city, demonstrating its significant economic impact.

Furthermore, the international projection of Barcelona and Spain has reached new heights thanks to ISE 2024. With thousands of visitors from around the world, the city has reaffirmed its position as a leader in innovation and technology globally. This international exposure not only strengthens Barcelona's image but also contributes to the recognition of Spain as a cutting-edge destination in the technological field.

But that's not all; we have more firsthand news! LED DREAM GROUP has been selected once again by ISE to offer an exclusive guided technological tour. What does this mean? Let me explain: it's a unique tour that allows attendees to learn all the details and implementations of new technologies in the L'Illa Diagonal shopping center. (Discover here)

During this visit, the architectural and design wonders that make L'Illa an outstanding place have been revealed. And how could we not mention the dynamic ceiling of over 1,100 sqm. It is a true masterpiece of digital lighting that dazzles everyone, breathtakingly merging technology and art. This work has been carried out by Lumalia Studio, part of the LED DREAM group, in collaboration with the renowned architecture studio BatlleiRoig and the lighting design studio Artec Studio.

In summary, the ISE 2024 Fair has been a true spectacle, not only for technology enthusiasts but for the entire city of Barcelona. And with LED DREAM GROUP leading the way into the future, who knows what surprises await us this year!

But the story doesn't end here. On February 2nd, a giant transparent screen of over 170m2 total surface area was installed on the south facade of the Stage Front Stadium, located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. RCD Espanyol de Barcelona and the investment group Publimaes S.L. trusted LED DREAM GROUP's team for the design, installation, and content management of this prominent screen.

By the way, it's a pleasure to announce that we will soon present our participation in one of the most anticipated sports-related projects in the world. The world of sports is becoming an increasingly relevant aspect in our company.

And to wrap it up, setting aside controversies surrounding the song "ZORRA," the winning song of the last edition of the Benidorm Festival, which will represent us in the upcoming Eurovision contest, all Euro Fans who attended could enjoy the performances at Tecnohito. This unique space in Europe, located on Avenida del Mediterráneo in Benidorm, features an outdoor circular LED screen of 300 m2 and a height of 22 meters.

We are excited to see how our ideas, along with those of our clients, come to life. And this is just the beginning!

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