Off Llum BCN 2022 returns with “Nuestro mar Vibra” by the artist and designer Maurici Ginés

Off Llum BCN 2022 returns with “Nuestro mar Vibra” by the artist and designer Maurici Ginés

From February 4 to 6, #OffLlumBCN returns, a circuit of light installations, designed and produced by Poblenou Urban District, which seeks to focus on experimental light art. Artists from all over the world and new emerging talents once again transform the streets and other spaces of Poblenou into an open-air museum with the latest proposals that will mark future trends in the world of art, design, urban lighting and participation citizen.

This year, the Off Llum BCN circuit proposes seven unique installations that can be seen and enjoyed in the Poblenou Urban District community. Artec Studio will show two light art installations, including "Nuestro Mar Vibra" by Maurici Ginés - The Reflection of the Sun on the Mediterranean Sea. They are memories of light from Barcelona. It is inspired by the trail of reflections that the sun produces in the water when it appears in the Mediterranean Sea, so that the work evokes a fragmented view of the sunrise, its reflections in a sea of ​​its own.

  A celebration of art through lighting, Artec3 Studio had the collaboration of our company Lumalia Studio for the implementation of digital lighting (light-art). Lumalia Studio, is a lighting studio focused on the creation and execution of special projects based on dynamic digital lighting. A new concept of creative lighting, designed to create striking and innovative, functional and personalized spaces, integrating new trends, user experiences, design and setting of spaces, interior design, media facade and architecture. See projects:

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Discover the entire program of Off Llum BCN 2022: here  / Download the Map: here

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