LEDDREAM GROUP presented a private technological tour in the exclusive offices of Diagonal 123 during the ISE 2023 world fair in Barcelona

LEDDREAM GROUP presented a private technological tour in the exclusive offices of Diagonal 123 during the ISE 2023 world fair in Barcelona

Tech Tours made a strong comeback this year in the program of the ISE Europe fair in its 2023 edition. During the ISE fair, guided tours were organized that allowed visitors to see first-hand some of the most important audiovisual installations in Barcelona.

LEDDREAM Group was chosen by ISE, the most important world fair in the audiovisual sector, to offer an exclusive private tour of the Diagonal 123 offices to visitors during the fair, including the opportunity to see the implementations of new technologies in Barcelona.

On February 1, LEDDREAM Group, with the collaboration of Cushman Wakefield, carried out an exclusive technological tour for visitors during the ISE fair, the most important world event in the audiovisual sector. The event took place in the lobby of the Diagonal 123 building.

The tour was focused on design, architecture and technology.
The lobby of the Diagonal 123 office building was the setting for this technological experience within the ISE Tech Tours. The tour was hosted by Priscilla Camassa, Cushman Wakefield Architect, Project & Development Services, and Carlos Delgado, Led Dream Director of Operations. Both revealed and deepened the objectives and challenges of this great project, such as the creation, design and implementation of the 50 square meter L-shaped ceiling and wall LED display, digital signage systems throughout the office and the 2D and 3D content creation.

Spectacular mural of digital art and artistic content in the lobby of the Diagonal 123 offices
During this private tour, visitors got up close and personal with all the technological details of the building's renovation, use and implementation of LED technology, basic principles of design and architecture. In addition, it helped the participants to better understand the components of digital signage, including: real-time content, creation and management of high-impact content in smart buildings, and/or audiovisual integration for the creation of new immersive and interactive spaces. through LED technology. Those attending the event were able to enjoy this immersive experience in the building's lobby, in which the large 50 m2 LED screen becomes a visual element where visitors are immersed through impressive content, which in turn generates a feeling of well-being and comfort. In addition, the content has been integrated with the space in a very creative and natural way through the use of very similar textures, both in the construction part and in the digital more.

For the realization of this project of the Diagonal 123 building, the property has had the important collaboration of its partner LED DREAM Group, who together with the construction company INELT and Cushman Wakefield took charge of the project from the conceptualization, design, supply and implementation of LED technology. Explore more innovative projects, here

From LED DREAM Group, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technological solutions. We continue to provide new digital solutions to our partners and customers!

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