Diagonal 123 Barcelona corporate offices

We created a giant canvas of digital art and avant-garde content in the lobby of Diagonal 123 Barcelona corporate offices

Diagonal 123 Barcelona corporate offices

October 2022

The exclusive Diagonal 123 office building, #Go123, located in the 22@ district of Barcelona, recognized worldwide as one of the European benchmarks for Smart City Concept and innovation, has completed an elegant and sophisticated remodeling process where technology, sustainability and the well-being of people, designed with the highest levels of quality and environmental certification BREEAM Excellent and WELL Platinum. It is an exclusive office complex, owned by Metropolis, in its day designed by the prestigious French architect Dominique Perrault with a balanced and elegant set of architectural volumes, and that conveys an image of great dynamism and movement. The building enjoys views of the Parc Central and the Mediterranean Sea, and houses a space of more than 10,000 m² of offices and commercial premises in the most exclusive area of Barcelona.


Indoor LED Displays / Digital content


Cushman & Wakefield


Barcelona, Spain



Oficinas Diagonal 123 Barcelona
It is a new concept of offices adapted to the new times, designed to connect your company with new ways of working, with new sustainable and more digital spaces that incorporate Cuhsman & Wakefield's Customer Experience service, placing the user at the center of its operation. The main challenge of this renovation of the Diagonal 123 offices, at the hands of the real estate consultancy, Cushman & Wakefield, has been to create an immersive and innovative space in the building's lobby, a new space that is capable of offering a unique experience where visitors are immersed through different impressive content and that in turn generate a feeling of well-being and comfort. Cushman & Wakefield has carried out 360 work on Diagonal 123, it has been in charge of the entire transformation of the property, supervising and carrying out the necessary works, marketing the available spaces, and optimizing the experience of the users who work in the building through your Customer Experience team. This project has been a challenge in all its phases: from the creation and conception of the idea and design, the different themes with the same common thread, sketches and creation of 3D content. All these contents are perfectly integrated into the screen and its space, maintaining the elegance and style of the exclusive office building. A surprising mix of design, art and audiovisual technology as the protagonist. LED DREAM Group has executed the digital content part through Channel4you, a group company specialized in digital content.

An art exhibition mural, digital content and 3D

To carry out this digital project, Cushman & Wakefield has had the collaboration of its partner LED DREAM Group, who, together with the construction company INELT, took charge of the project from the conceptualization, design, supply and implementation of LED technology, as well as as well as all the necessary facilities and structures. In this digital artistic space, located in the reception of the building, a large format Led screen of 50m2 square has been installed with an L shape on the wall and ceiling, it has a pixel pitch P2.6, a resolution close to 4K and a high quality image processing and color depth. In addition, 12 24-inch Samsung Pro monitors with full HD resolution have been installed on each floor of the building, with a super Slim and elegant design that emits sharp, high-quality images from any angle.

This space is designed in every detail to inspire, to offer a unique technological and sensory experience to visitors and employees.

Oficinas Diagonal 123 Barcelona by leddream

We have designed different pieces of ad hoc visual content from an artistic perspective, providing emotion to the visitor at all times, ranging from nature, landscapes, colors, textures, fluids, and dynamic content in real time. The goal is for the visitor to travel inside his mind, imagine and find different meanings to the content he is seeing on the LED screen. To transport visitors to the places and landscapes seen, we create motion graphics that bring a 3D and digital art look to the screen, conveying to the viewer that the elements are moving towards them. In addition, we design different personalized and dynamic templates that offer real-time weather information, directories, services, events and cultural agenda that are of interest to the visitor. As well as various content, messages of brand values and other types of communication that reinforce your corporate identity.