LED DREAM | Showroom Opening Event

LED DREAM | Showroom Opening Event

An opening is always a special event, and we treat it as such!

On May 27, and coinciding with the celebrations of our tenth anniversary, we again opened the doors of our showroom to our guests from Media Markt Business. The event, which brought together more than 30 managers of the Media Markt Business group, was a complete success in which projects carried out and future strategies of both companies were shared.

The Director of Marketing & Sales, Carlos Gordillo, explained to the attendees everything to consider in digitization projects with LED technology, giving them useful tools to tackle this type of project. In this way, LED DREAM strengthened its position as a technology partner in offering innovative solutions for Media Markt customers.

The guests enjoyed our showroom, a technological and digital space, with more than 250 m2 of exhibition of LED solutions (Indoor, Outdoor, Interactive, etc.). In addition, some of the most relevant success stories of our company were explained, which can be perfectly replicated by the Business division of Media Markt.

Thank you, Media Markt, for joining us on this special day!

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