Interview with Carlos Gordillo, Director of MKT & Sales at the Spanish Retail Association

Interview with Carlos Gordillo, Director of MKT & Sales at the Spanish Retail Association

Last September 29th, the Spanish Retail Association (AER) interviewed Carlos Gordillo, Director of Marketing and Sales for the LED DREAM Group. Click here for an insight on his thoughts.

“The main challenge for the retail industry today is reinventing its spaces. For us, the physical store is an essential extension for brands. In addition to offering their products and services through online channels, brands must have stores where the customer experience is the basis of everything "

1. What are you specialists in and what is your reason to improve the Retail industry?

We are an audiovisual engineering company, specialized in LED solutions, Digital Signage and Digital Lighting, with have more than 12 years of experience carrying out projects across Europe, America and North Africa. We strive to offer innovative and technological solutions to our clients as technological partners, providing a comprehensive 360 ​​solution, adapted to each need and using technology to create new spectacular spaces and new digital experiences. We have a wide portfolio of technological solutions, based on LED technology (LED screens, LED curtains, LED floor, Displays), as well as professional monitors, professional projectors, audio and video signal distribution equipment. Our work also focusses on content management and creation for LED screens (Digital Signage) and digital lighting. All these solutions are elaborated thanks to world-class manufacturers in respect of rigorous quality standards. We have our own engineering and technological consultancy, at the service of our clients and adapted to different business channels. We are unique in providing our clients with a 360º comprehensive service, giving us a significant advantage on our competition. In fact, we address each phase of the project, from the conceptualization of the idea, to consulting on the choice of equipment, distribution, implementation and execution, and after-sales service (maintenance and technical assistance). On the other hand, our multidisciplinary team of specialists in dynamic digital lighting can carry out large digital lighting projects lighting for facades, retail, shopping centers, etc.

Additionally, we have our own Showroom, a technological and digital space, with more than 450 m2 of exhibition of LED solutions (Indoor, Outdoor, Interactive, etc.). A space to network, show and understand the latest technological innovations applicable to all types of business such as retail, corporate, etc. Lastly, we offer advice to our clients on digitization projects and all their applications, providing useful tools to tackle each type of project. Our Showroom is in Terrassa (Barcelona).

2. What are the challenges that you think Retail faces today in the current situation?

The main challenge for the retail industry today is reinventing its spaces. For us, the physical store is an essential extension for brands. In addition to offering their products and services through online channels, brands need stores where the customer experience is the basis of everything. These spaces must have the capacity to seduce, surprise, suggest ... and of course to sell! Even the omnichannel concept no longer works. In reality, the customer is the basis of everything and should be made an integral part of a brand’s image and philosophy in which he identifies himself. This distinction and differentiation are clearly visible when looking at different store concepts, and that is where digitalizing spaces plays a crucial role. In addition, in current times the covid-19 pandemic has substantially changed the way the customer interacts with products. We must make the most of technology’s advantages so that it does not act as a brake on consumption. For these reasons, we offer the most revolutionary products on the market: Interactive led screens, transparent screens for shop windows (we are Tiege's official distributor across Spain and Andorra), and many other solutions.

3. How do you help your clients to overcome these challenges and give them opportunities to grow? What impact has your performance had on your market?

Our work and our projects are our best business cards. We work hand in hand with our most important partners and retailers in the country in different sectors such as sports, technology, health, banking ... LED DREAM participates in one or more phases of the project, from the design, supply and installation of digital media, as well as in the creation and management of content displayed on-screen, and their post-sale maintenance.

Amongst our most emblematic retail projects I’d mention the design and execution of the new Media Markt Digital Store in Barcelona; the implantation of the spectacular FCB Megastore of the Football Club Barcelona’s stadium; Adidas, Real Madrid, or NIKE stores ... On the other hand, we’ve managed content for large digital signage networks such as Media Markt, Catalana Occidente, Punt Roma, etc.

Here are a few more links which will direct you to other large-scale digital projects, both indoors and outdoors, such as Hard Rock, the Torre Realia corporate hall, or the corporate offices of l’Edifici DAU. When it comes to digital lighting, we have worked for the spectacular Roca Gallery in Barcelona and Morocco, the Ingenio Shopping Center, the Parque Rioja shopping center and some others.

4. What technological trends do you cover, and which ones do you think will mark the future of Retail, enhance the visitor’s experience and therefore the purchasing experience?

We cover multiple AV technology solutions; we reinforce our commitment to our clients by offering a wide range of AV solutions for the most demanding projects. We are committed to constant innovation and meet the expectations of our integrating clients who are very demanding.

Pantalla led transparenteThis year we launched the latest technology in transparent LED screens, a very differentiating new product in the field, which stand out for their high transparency rates and thinness. On top of that, they are fully customizable, making them perfect for integration in a number of spaces, and can take different shapes (triangular, rounded, etc.) practically to the extent desired.

COVID-19 has caused a rapid change in the perception of consumers and their way of interacting with people and objects. These days people are more cautious when touching and interacting with any type of technology. In turn, companies are looking for solutions that allow them to continue to interact safely with customers and enrich the shopping and consumers’ experiences with brands. That is why we have launched a new tool that allows us to create, quickly and easily: Touchless interactive experiences on our LED screens. This is a cross-platform tool perfect for Indoor LED screens, Outdoor LED screens, professional monitors, totems, and interactive kiosks. Through this technology it is possible to interact in a safe, reliable, and responsible way. Thanks to this "Contact-free" approach you can also interact with the content using no more than your hands and body and get memorable visitor experiences.

5. How does LED DREAM help further Corporate Social Responsibility in the companies with which it collaborates?

We work with world-class manufacturers, who meet high quality standards for all our solutions. We set CSR criteria for our suppliers to respect including transparency of operations, ethics and integrity, compliance with working hours, gender equality, cultural diversity, and optimization of transport routes to reduce CO2 emissions.

We also adopt safety measures to work in a healthy and safe work environment, including training and information on safety. Lastly, we require suppliers to apply CSR standards and social legislation, together with socially responsible management commitments. They must have CE labels and have the ISO 26000 certification - social responsibility management system.

6. What is your contribution to sustainability, the challenge of this century?

All our low-consumption LED technology (light-emitting diode) contributes to this. LEDs have marked an important technological advance and have become the most environmentally friendly solution, helping to reduce the carbon footprint. and CO2 emissions. Our goal is to reinforce our commitment to the environment by offering lower energy consumption and energy-saving solutions for our LED screens and digital lighting.

In addition, we have incorporated these measures into our administrative and logistics processes, reducing energy consumption by taking simple steps like turning off the equipment and LED screens in our showroom when they are not in use, reducing paper consumption and encouraging the exchange of digital files and storage in the cloud, using led lighting in collaborative workspaces, and adjusting air conditioning temperatures in work areas. This implies an additional 40% of energy saved in comparison with fluorescent lamps. In addition, we optimize transport routes, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

7. How do you see the consumer of the future?

The COVID-19 pandemic has marked a turning point in our society, it has changed shopping habits and the way we interact with objects. Today's consumer is adopting new changes that will remain in the future, they will be increasingly optimistic in future purchase spending, they will increase their digital activities such as video conferencing, online shopping, e-commerce, touchless interactive experiences, online social and corporate events, mobile payment applications in stores, etc. This consumer expects new intelligent and digital solutions that allow them to continue interacting in a safe environment without losing the shopping experience. In fact, they will be more aware and demanding in terms of security aspects for stores and will prefer to buy brands that offer security guarantees together with hygiene and socially conscientious products in respect of the environment (Health + Sustainability).

8. As a company to at the service of the retail industry, how do you see the evolution of the client / supplier / partner relationship and the alliances that are being carried out between retailers?

It is a necessary change to protect consumption and the retail industry. This new normality has opened a wide chain of possibilities to establish synergies and long-term alliances between retailers, suppliers, clients and partners, allowing the entire supply chain to collaborate together when planning, and designing strategies. Connecting with specialized companies and cultivating these crucial partnerships is necessary if you want to create new valuable experiences for your customers and attract the public to your stores. Collaboration between suppliers and retailers will allow companies to extend their range and will benefit both parties.

Are you looking for new technological solutions or do you want to incorporate one of our adaptable solutions to your business? Contact us at

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