Touchless Interactive Experiences “Recycle by playing – Catch Trash”

Touchless Interactive Experiences “Recycle by playing – Catch Trash”

Recicla de una forma divertida con experiencias interactivas Touchless from LED DREAM on Vimeo.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a rapid change in consumer’s perception and their way of interacting with people and objects. These days people are more cautious when interacting and touching any type of technology. In turn, companies are looking for solutions that allow them to continue interacting safely with customers and enhancing consumers’ experiences with brands.

Touchless Technology

LED DREAM, the Indoor and Outdoor LED solutions expert, and its partner Ubiquo Techs developed a tool that allows to create Touchless interactive experiences for our LED screens in a quick and easy way. Indeed, this technology makes it possible to interact in a safe, trustworthy and responsible manner. This platform’s development team created Ubox, allowing you to create your own interactive content through recognized scripting languages like html5 and javascript and distribute said content through the marketplace. Even without contact you can interact and achieve memorable experiences!

This new Touchless technology can be relayed across multiple technology platforms including Indoor LED screens, Outdoor LED screens, professional monitors, totems and interactive kiosks. This technology does not require any portable device, installation or application download. Instead, users can create an application directly incorporated into the screens to manage this touchless technology. Once created, you'll be able to produce your own interactive content, activated by gestures, and interact with it naturally using your hands and body.

One of the proposed experiences is the "“Recicla jugando - Atrapa basura”, or “Recycle by playing” application which teaches users to recycle garbage in a fun and interactive way. Many more interactive “touchless” experiences await ahead. Take a look at our catalog to discover them all.

We make interaction safe without touching surfaces and create contract-free, natural, memorable, and emotional interactive experiences. Do you want to try them out? 

If you are looking for a new technological concept or want to incorporate one of our adaptable solutions to your busines, contact us here:


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