LED DREAM | The showcase revolution through the Digital Signage

LED DREAM | The showcase revolution through the Digital Signage

How many show windows do we see every day? The answer is simple, thousands. Retaining information is becoming more complicated as we suffer constant and abusive attacks of information. Each distributor wants to generate an uncontrollable desire for their product. So far, a simple pretty showcase, with some mannequins, novelties or neon lights already had the desired effect.

Nowadays, every store wants to stand out from its competitors. This implies a change in communication strategies. Not only is a high number of impressions sought, but the aim is to enhance brand identity and to retain the target brand with Own Brand Content. The polarization of the national supply in the retail sector has created in entrepreneurs the need to implement technological solutions creating visual and interactive spaces to retain the attention of users.

Increasingly, brands tend to conduct multi-channel communication strategies to fulfill their need for broadcasting Brand Content in their physical stores and follow the line of their other channels (TV, RRSS, Street Marketing, Magazines).

Digital Signage is one of the best solutions to install in each of those points where they want to feed the pedestrian or possible buyer of their wealth and value ​​as a brand. Companies have already started investing in digital signage circuits and the market is moving towards that aspect.

The transmission of a message is not intended to reach the consumer. At all times you must focus on the user who is in front of the show window directly. The Internet gives us the possibility of generating this interactivity with the users.

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