Infinite Excitement Unleashed! RCD Espanyol Unveils Massive 200 m2 Screen on Stage Front Stadium’s South Façade

Infinite Excitement Unleashed! RCD Espanyol Unveils Massive 200 m2 Screen on Stage Front Stadium’s South Façade

New Chapter in RCD Espanyol's History.

The sports club RCD Espanyol and the investor Publimaes S.L. have announced an agreement to install and operate an impressive LED screen located on the south facade of the Stage Front Stadium. With a surface area of approximately 200 square meters, this screen marks a milestone in technological innovation and visual experience for the club's fans.

Elevating the Fan Experience with RCD Espanyol's Impressive 200 m2 LED Screen.

Dive into this Digital and Technological Experience

With a surface area of around 200 square meters, this screen not only offers a stunning visual experience for fans in the stadium but also grabs the attention of passersby, adding a touch of magic to the urban environment. This impressive LED screen, strategically installed on the stadium's south facade, provides a visual experience for both stadium attendees and passersby in the area. Additionally, this screen opens up new commercial opportunities for the club over the next 10 years, allowing advertisers, sponsors, and partners to reach a wider audience through dynamic and engaging advertising messages, 16 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, the agreement guarantees the RCD Espanyol sports club 4 hours of brand advertising on match days for the first team, women's team, and events.

New Opportunities for #RCDE Club

Beyond the spectacle, this screen represents new commercial opportunities for RCD Espanyol, allowing advertisers to connect with a broader audience through dynamic and engaging advertising messages. The management of this innovative LED screen is in the hands of professionals from DOOH Enterprise and MAIN agency, supported by LED DREAM Group through Channel4you (Creative content studio), ensuring an unparalleled experience for fans and advertisers alike.

Passion-Provoking Colors

The characteristic colors of RCD Espanyol come to life on this screen, immersing fans in a sea of emotions every time it lights up. From the iconic blue and white to vibrant tones reflecting the team's energy, every match becomes a celebration for the senses.

Experience Football in Giant Dimension with RCD Espanyol's Cutting-Edge LED Screen

This digitization project has been led by the client, who have teamed up with DOOH Enterprise and their Partner LED DREAM Group to modernize their large-format screen located on the South facade, attracting top-tier advertising companies. LED DREAM Group took charge of everything from engineering, installation, supply, assembly, to the commissioning of the LED screen and support structures. (video)

This impressive transparent LED screen, over 8 meters high and 22 meters wide, stands out for its 16mm/32mm pixel pitch technology in outdoor LED curtain format. Its adjustable brightness up to 10,000 nits ensures optimal content display both day and night, blending design, technology, and architecture uniquely. The support structure consists of a modular LED curtain system, significantly reducing weight and presenting no wind obstruction thanks to its high level of transparency (67%), allowing for greater visibility of the structure and integration thereof. Another standout feature of this transparent LED screen is its weight of 15 Kg/m2, representing a load release for the structural element. The screen's weight, installation height, and size were fundamental aspects to consider in the project, adding greater complexity than usual.

From the outset, this project has been an exciting challenge every step of the way: from design, supply, assembly to flawless installation. Our goal was clear: to seamlessly integrate this innovative screen to provide a distinctive value while preserving the unique essence that characterizes the RCD Espanyol sports club. This screen is not just a visual spectacle; it is a statement of our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional and cutting-edge experiences to our customers and partners.

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