Elevating the event experience: Transforming the Auditorium of the Congress Center World Trade Center (WTC) into an Inspiring Space

Elevating the event experience: Transforming the Auditorium of the Congress Center World Trade Center (WTC) into an Inspiring Space

At the heart of Barcelona's Port Vell, the World Trade Center Barcelona is reinventing itself as a hub of innovation and collaboration. Thanks to a strategic alliance with Serunion and WorkTeamSolution, and LED DREAM Group's collaboration, they are redefining the event and business meeting experience in the city.

With its prime waterfront location, the World Trade Center Barcelona emerges as a vital hub for business gatherings, blending the beauty of the sea with Barcelona's dynamic business and cultural scene. This 47,000 m2 complex houses the offices of over 50 companies, solidifying its position as an unparalleled center for collaboration. Moreover, it features a 430-person auditorium, 20 support rooms, the exclusive Port Vell room at sea level (the press center for the 2024 America's Cup), a five-star hotel with 255 rooms, and a parking lot with 1,000 spaces. Complemented by amenities such as a gym, fitness center, and various other spaces, it enriches the comprehensive offering of the World Trade Center Barcelona as an ecosystem designed to inspire, connect, and facilitate business success.

Elevating the Event Experience: Transforming the Auditorium of the Congress Center World Trade Center (WTC) into an inspiring space.

Within this multifaceted complex, the impressive Auditorium of the Congress Center World Trade Center Barcelona stands out. Serunion and WorkTeamSolution have entrusted LED DREAM Group with the supply, assembly, installation, and commissioning of a 24 m2 curved LED screen in the auditorium. With a resolution of 3072 x 1152 pixels and a pixel pitch of 2.6 mm, this screen offers an unparalleled visual experience. Complemented by an advanced high-tech video management system, it redefines visual clarity and sharpness, offering great flexibility for creating custom compositions and adapting to a wide range of formats according to the needs of each event. From corporate presentations to cultural events, the versatility of our equipment ensures that each occasion is unique and successful. Its immersive curved design envelops attendees in the content, creating an immersive environment that ensures each presentation, conference, or projection is unforgettable and captivating.

This renovated space, with its prime location and state-of-the-art facilities, positions itself as an inspiring and functional environment for all types of events, from congresses and meetings to conferences and special celebrations that exceed the expectations of its clients. At the World Trade Center Barcelona, innovation, collaboration, and excellence come together to create memorable experiences. It marks a new chapter in the history of this iconic venue, characterized by a commitment to exceeding expectations and opening new possibilities in the world of events and business in Barcelona.


About LEDDREAM Group: We are an audiovisual engineering company, specialized in providing technological solutions based on LED screens, digital content creation, and dynamic digital lighting. We design, inspire, and collaborate in the creation of new digital and functional spaces, adapted to any type of architecture or space used. As a technological partner, we provide the most innovative solutions on the market, with the aim of bringing spaces to life, generating memorable interactive and digital experiences that attract visitors to the shopping center.

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