Two luminous artistic sculptures created by Maurici Ginés are illuminating the Three Kings Fair at Gran Via, Barcelona

Two luminous artistic sculptures created by Maurici Ginés are illuminating the Three Kings Fair at Gran Via, Barcelona

You can still visit and enjoy these incredible light sculptures in Barcelona until January 6th!

Come to Les Corts and let yourself be dazzled by the beauty of these luminous sculptures designed by Maurici Ginés. 🌟 Experience the magic of their vibrant lights, captivating shapes, and brilliant colors that transform the space and transport you to a unique artistic universe.

The design and concept of these artistic light sculptures were led by Artec Studio. Our lighting team, Lumalia Studio, handled both sculptures' manufacturing, installation, assembly, and activation.


For the Three Kings Fair at Gran Via, the design is reminiscent of the Sagrada Familia; they play with the symbolism of gifts and the Three Kings, continuing the magic and charm of this Christmas celebration.

🎁 Inspired by the symbolic nature of children's gifts and the Three Kings, these installations draw from classic children's lace-up games. They manifest as two large-scale geometric structures, inviting moments of pause, embrace, and interaction among children, families, and friends.

📍 Located at the intersections of Gran Via with Comte Urgell and Comte Borrell streets, these elements serve as a focal point. Furthermore, the fair's pathway is adorned with Barcelona's classic lampposts embellished with colorful curtains, enhancing the festive ambiance.

Creative Idea: Maurici Ginés

Production: Artec Studio

In collaboration with: Lumalia Studio, a part of the LEDDREAM Group, specializing in creating and executing dynamic digital lighting projects.

About Lumalia Studio: Lumalia is a specialized lighting studio dedicated to crafting and executing dynamic lighting projects. Our approach revolves around merging ideas and creativity with innovative techniques and technologies to deliver unique and distinctive solutions. At Lumalia, we design and create lighting concepts through a meticulous selection of products that meet our high-quality standards and extensive professional experience. Moreover, we excel in crafting custom luminaires, tailored precisely to our clients' projects. Committed to providing the best lighting experience possible, we strive to offer solutions perfectly aligned with our clients' needs and expectations. For more information, visit

About LEDDREAM Group: We are an audiovisual engineering company specializing in delivering technological solutions based on LED screens, digital content creation, and dynamic digital lighting. We design, inspire, and collaborate in crafting new digital and functional spaces, adaptable to any architectural structure or utilized area. As a technological partner, we provide the market's most innovative solutions to breathe life into spaces, creating memorable interactive and digital experiences that engage visitors and users. Explore our virtual showroom to discover all our technological solutions. Reserve your space at

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