LEDDREAM Group was awarded the Best Audiovisual Integration in Shopping Centers at Puerto Venecia

LEDDREAM Group was awarded the Best Audiovisual Integration in Shopping Centers at Puerto Venecia

This Best Integration in Shopping Centers 2023 award drives us to continue seeking excellence and innovation in all our projects. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of audiovisual technology and creating new immersive spaces that captivate users.

LEDDREAM Group received the prestigious award for "Best Integration in Shopping Centers 2023" with the project of the new digital multimedia façade at Puerto Venecia shopping center, marking a remarkable achievement in the realm of innovative technological solutions for commercial spaces.

Madrid, November 27 - The recognition was granted to Puerto Venecia shopping center for its groundbreaking concept: a captivating multimedia digital façade that intertwines LED technology, captivating 3D content, and digital lighting on intricately designed panels and stairways, all within a unified space. Specifically tailored and customized design for the Puerto Venecia project. This pioneering concept of a digital facade stands as a testament to innovation and uniqueness in Spain's commercial landscape.

"We are incredibly proud to be recognized for our dedication to technological innovation in commercial spaces. We are committed to leveraging the latest technology to turn LED screens into immersive experiences and artworks in public spaces", commented Sheyla Ynope, Marketing Manager at LEDDREAM Group. 

"This recognition drives us to further advance in creating unique audiovisual experiences and to continue strengthening our collaboration with clients and strategic partners", expressed Alfons Torres, Sales Department Manager at LEDDREAM Group.


We've introduced a fresh idea: a high-tech digital display at shopping centers, blending LED technology with stunning 3D visuals and digital lighting, all in one place. It's a groundbreaking concept unique to Spain.

And it's quite something! Our setup delivers an exciting experience with three mind-blowing digital zones:
- First up, a jaw-dropping, artistic 30m2 double-sided LED screen that'll leave you speechless.
- Then, LUMALIA Studio brought magic with innovative digital lighting designs on cutout panels and stairs. It's simply amazing!
- And if that wasn't enough, Channel4you crafted tailored real-time and 3D content for an extra touch of creativity.

Discover the project: Puerto Venecia Shopping Center

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