LEDDREAM Group shines at FITUR 2024 through the post-production of the advertising campaign “NEVER STOP DREAMING,” by Nieves Álvarez

LEDDREAM Group shines at FITUR 2024 through the post-production of the advertising campaign “NEVER STOP DREAMING,” by Nieves Álvarez

On January 24th, the inauguration of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR 2024) took place at the Juan Carlos I Trade Fair venue, which counted among others the illustrious visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain. Additionally, the presentation of the tourism promotion campaign "Never Stop Dreaming" was carried out, with the prominent presence of international model and presenter Nieves Álvarez, the face and ambassador of the initiative.

The campaign was created by the agency Hello Think, in collaboration with the visionary fashion photographer Mario Sierra. Both found in LED DREAM Group, specifically in Channel4You, the digital post-production creative company of the group, a fundamental ally for the conceptualization of the campaign, blending with originality and elegance the handling and movement of water and vapor particles.

LEDDREAM Group has participated in other notable creative projects, especially in the 3D content area. When it comes to artistic and immersive digital art, the company has innovated with "digital canvases" in the form of a CUBE of over 30m2 of LED screens, creating an innovative platform with social, cultural, and advertising applications. These digital canvases have been strategically installed in the main and most exclusive areas of Madrid and Barcelona, as well as at the O Son O Camiño music festival in Santiago de Compostela, standing out for demonstrating how the combination of creativity and technology can generate high-impact experiences naturally and non-intrusively for pedestrians, also causing a significant impact on social media.

Additionally, Channel4You specializes in creating real-time content, providing an immersive digital experience in renowned corporate buildings, such as the Velázquez 86D office building in Madrid, and Diagonal 123 in Barcelona. In addition to designing and creating anamorphic 3D content for the impressive digital multimedia facade of over 140m2 located in the Puerto Venecia shopping center in Zaragoza.

These are just a few examples of how LED Dream Group merges creativity and technology to create unique and engaging experiences.

LEDDREAM Group stands out as a leader in audiovisual engineering with over 15 years of experience, carrying out notable projects both in our country and in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and North Africa. According to Carlos Delgado, Director of Operations at LED DREAM Group, "We are passionate about creation in any facet, and thanks to technology, we pride ourselves on integrating it permanently or fleetingly into spaces, making it an integral part of the daily lives of people and cities. We are experienced storytellers."


About LEDDREAM Group: We are an audiovisual engineering company specializing in delivering technological solutions based on LED screens, digital content creation, and dynamic digital lighting. We design, inspire, and collaborate in crafting new digital and functional spaces, adaptable to any architectural structure or utilized area. As a technological partner, we provide the market's most innovative solutions to breathe life into spaces, creating memorable interactive and digital experiences that engage visitors and users. Explore our virtual showroom to discover all our technological solutions. Reserve your space at

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