ISE Tech tour and Leddream offer an unique visit to the exclusive Diagonal 123 offices in Barcelona

ISE Tech tour and Leddream offer an unique visit to the exclusive Diagonal 123 offices in Barcelona

Barcelona once again hosts the world's largest audiovisual fair in the audiovisual sector, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), from January 31 to February 2, 2023 at the Fira de Barcelona.

LEDDREAM Group has been chosen by ISE, the most important world fair in the audiovisual sector, to offer a guided tour to visitors during the fair and a unique opportunity to see the implementations of new technologies in Barcelona.

This February 1st, we invite you to find out all the details behind our unique and very digital project in the exclusive offices of Diagonal 123 in Barcelona, we will talk about how it was done, why and where our LED technology and basic design principles were implemented. This tour of the Diagonal 123 offices will be presented by Carlos Delgado, the company's Director of Operations, who will deepen the project, covering objectives and challenges, as well as the creation, design, and implementation of the shaped ceiling and wall LED screen. of L of 50 square meters. , digital signage systems throughout the office, and the creation of 2D and 3D content. “This tour will appeal to anyone involved in high-impact art, content, and messaging for digital signage and smart building management systems” explains Carlos Delgado. Don't miss this opportunity to discover some of the main technological innovations through this guided tour. The places are limited. Do not miss it!

Spectacular mural of digital art and 3D content in the lobby of the Diagonal 123 offices in Barcelona

Diagonal 123 is an iconic office building of 10,700sqm owned by Metropolis business group that enjoys views of Parc Central and the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the 22@ district of Barcelona, Diagonal 123 is recognised worldwide as one of the European benchmarks for Smart City Concept and innovation. It incorporates technology, sustainability and the well-being of people earning it BREEAM Excellent, Well Platinum and Certification A status. Real-estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield worked with LED DREAM Group and construction company INELT for the conceptualisation, design, supply and implementation of LED technology.

This project has been quite a challenge in all its phases: We have designed different pieces of ad hoc visual content from an artistic perspective, providing emotion to the visitor at all times, ranging from nature, landscapes, colors, textures, fluids, and dynamic content. in real-time. The objective is for the visitor to travel inside their mind, imagine and find different meanings to the content they are seeing on the LED screen... read more.

From LED DREAM Group, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technological solutions. We continue to provide new digital solutions to our partners and customers!

oficinas diagonal 123 by leddream

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