ISE Tech Tour and LEDDREAM Group present an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour at L’illa Shopping Centre in Barcelona

ISE Tech Tour and LEDDREAM Group present an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour at L’illa Shopping Centre in Barcelona

Barcelona once again hosts the world's largest audiovisual fair, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), from January 30 to February 2, 2024, at Fira de Barcelona.

This year, LEDDREAM Group has been selected by ISE, the world's most important audiovisual fair, to offer an exclusive technology tour, guided for visitors during the event, providing them with the opportunity to witness the implementation of new technologies and learn all the details of the shopping center's renovation. We will uncover how this project was carried out, from the fascinating concept of digital lighting integrated into a dynamic ceiling to strategically distributed LED screens throughout the shopping center.

This Tech Tour promises to unveil the architectural and design wonders of L'illa in Barcelona, especially highlighting the innovative concept of lighting integrated into the dynamic ceiling. In collaboration with the renowned architecture studio Batlleiroig, Lighting Artec, and Lumalia Studio, a dynamic surface of 1,100 m² has come to life, standing as a work of architectural integration and lighting design.

The L'illa shopping center in Barcelona offers an impressive lighting and technological experience, thanks to LEDDREAM Group.

This February 2, we invite you to explore all the fascinating details and discover how this project was executed: an innovative concept of digital lighting integrated into a dynamic ceiling and strategically distributed LED screens throughout the shopping center. These elements not only contribute to the overall aesthetics but also offer visitors to L'illa in Barcelona a unique visual experience.

We will delve into the creation process, the motivations behind it, and the strategic locations where we deployed our LED technology, dynamic digital lighting, as well as the fundamental principles of design and architecture.

This exciting tour will feature presentations from prominent professionals: Gerard Cutal, Manager of the L'illa shopping center; Laura Quintana, Associate & Architect at Batlleiroig; Víctor Valcárcel, Creative Director of Lumalia Studio; and Carlos Delgado, Operations Director of the LEDDREAM Group. Together, we will delve into the realization of this project, unraveling objectives, challenges, and architectural perspectives, while exploring the impact of technology on lighting, design, and experience creation.

From the conception to the implementation of this innovative concept of digital lighting in the ceiling and the incorporation of various LED screens throughout the shopping center, we are ready to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Schedule: Friday, February 2, from 9:00-11:00h

Location: Av. Diagonal, 557, Les Corts, 08029 Barcelona Registrations open: [Link]

Do not miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the main technological innovations during our guided tour. Spaces are limited. Don't miss it!

From LEDDREAM Group, as specialists in LED and audiovisual technology solutions, we continue to bring new digital solutions to our partners and clients!


About Lumalia Studio: Lumalia is a specialized lighting studio dedicated to crafting and executing dynamic lighting projects. Our approach revolves around merging ideas and creativity with innovative techniques and technologies to deliver unique and distinctive solutions. At Lumalia, we design and create lighting concepts through a meticulous selection of products that meet our high-quality standards and extensive professional experience. Moreover, we excel in crafting custom luminaires, tailored precisely to our clients' projects. Committed to providing the best lighting experience possible, we strive to offer solutions perfectly aligned with our clients' needs and expectations. For more information, visit

About LEDDREAM Group: We are an audiovisual engineering company specializing in delivering technological solutions based on LED screens, digital content creation, and dynamic digital lighting. We design, inspire, and collaborate in crafting new digital and functional spaces, adaptable to any architectural structure or utilized area. As a technological partner, we provide the market's most innovative solutions to breathe life into spaces, creating memorable interactive and digital experiences that engage visitors and users. Explore our virtual showroom to discover all our technological solutions. Reserve your space at

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