LED DREAM exclusive distributor of Tiege Tech’s transparent led technology across Spain and Andorra

LED DREAM exclusive distributor of Tiege Tech’s transparent led technology across Spain and Andorra

The agreement between both companies covers the commercialization in Spain and Andorra of all Tiege’s products, among which the transparent adhesive led displays. The agreement was signed last December in Shenzhen by the heads of both companies, Bob Liu Chairman of Tiege Tech and Josep Querol CEO of Leddream.

Founded in Shanghai back in 2012, Tiege Tech is a company dedicated to the production, research and development of solutions that integrate AV technology and high-end products, and a pioneer in the field of transparent led displays. At the moment, the company holds 4 patents for inventions, 10 utility models as well as 2 EU and US patents, and continues its commitment to the research and development of new types of LED displays. It is the only international company dedicated to R&D in integrated ultra-thin acrylic displays with a high-density chip that takes care of all phases of the production chain. Tiege Tech has entrusted the exclusive distribution and commercialization of its products to Leddream for both Spain and Andorra.

Ryan Feng, Vice President of the company and Overseas Sales Director, has shown his satisfaction for his commercial association with one of the leading companies in the LED AV sector in Spain. Tiege Tech therefore expresses its openness to incorporating our products into a country with a very mature LED display market and whose growth capacity is high. Led dream’s marketing, distribution, market penetration and branding capabilities will provide our customers with a higher level of sales and support.

Tiege Tech’s equipment is perfectly complementary to the technology sold by Leddream which greatly benefits both parties”. Tiege Tech's clear LED screens are a true revolution in the transparent LED market. They are fully customizable making them perfect for integration in multiple locations. Different shapes can be made (triangular, rounded, etc.) practically as desired, with pitches ranging from P6.5mm to P20-40mm for larger installations. A transparent acrylic of only 3mm (anti UV and with all the fire certificates) houses the LEDs allowing for maximum translucence. Meanwhile the electronics can be fitted into the screen’s contours. Consequently, installation is simplified due to the lightness and possibility to adhere it to glass and other surfaces. This unique product also boasts the CE and EMC Class B certifications, the highest in terms of international regulations.

Josep Querol, CEO of Leddream, recently pointed out in this regard that “Tiege Tech's transparent led screens perfectly complement our extensive range of audiovisual products. We’d been analyzing new differential solutions for some time now, given that up till now, transparent screens technology didn’t fully meet the expectations of our integrating clients, who are very demanding. This agreement strengthens our position in the market and strengthens our offer with a broader range of AV solutions for the most ambitious projects”.

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