Channel4you. A creative multimedia studio in Barcelona that designs your branding and creates immersive experiences

Channel4you. A creative multimedia studio in Barcelona that designs your branding and creates immersive experiences

How to WOW?

Not only do we design logos; we craft visual experiences that elevate the essence of brands. What's your WOW?. Our latest masterpiece: the 3D interpretation of Nike's Swoosh. It's more than just a logo; it's an innovative interpretation that transcends the boundaries of design. This emblem goes beyond; it embodies the energy, victory, and unstoppable spirit that defines Nike.

Textures that convey sensations:

Every detail of the Swoosh carries a story. We employ various formats, materials, and 3D textures that not only highlight the brand's personality but also enhance the feeling of comfort and the advantages of the soles and materials used in Nike's athletic or running shoes.

A Visual Choreography:

The Swoosh logo comes to life against a geometric backdrop resembling a beveled triangle, dancing like a moving rhombus with a ripple-like effect, swaying back and forth. This ever-changing visual choreography creates a unique dynamism that reflects the energy and motion associated with the brand.

Shifting Scenes. Stories in Motion:

Through a creative loop, we transport the Swoosh into different environments. From athletic material highlighting sole features to a glitch transition revealing Nike's iconic imagery and the letters M A D R I D filled with icosahedrons against the previous backdrop, forming a clipping mask. Subsequently, the logo appears shaped by spheres or other soft forms. Each scene change is a visual narrative celebrating diversity and innovation.

Evolving Shapes:

We don't settle for simplicity. The Swoosh reinvents itself in every loop, whether formed by spheres evoking design perfection or taking on soft shapes highlighting elegance and performance in gymnastics, crossfit, and athletics.

The story behind the brand and its logo dates back to Greek mythology. The name, Nike, originates from the winged goddess of victory. The iconic logo of the brand, known as the Swoosh, is a symbolic representation of the wing of the goddess Nike.

The design of the 3D Nike Swoosh logo has been a challenge in every phase: from the initial conception of the idea and design to the meticulous creation of the storyboard and mood board, content development, 3D animation, moving 2D graphics, and the post-production stage. Each phase has been a journey of creativity and precision.

Alternative ways of doing things (3D) (animation) (anamorphic) create new experiences in different (spaces).

About Channel4you: We are a creative and strategic studio offering innovative solutions for audiovisual communication. As part of the content team of LEDDREAM Group, at Channel4You, we specialize in creating and managing content for screens, shop windows, and various digital platforms, tailoring it to each client's needs and objectives. Our services cover the strategic phase, from conceptualizing the idea, defining technologies, and designing products, to content creation and development, such as 3D animations, moving 2D graphics, storyboards, video mapping, VR/AR, post-production, and after-sales support. Contact us at We are eager to collaborate with you and assist in creating never-before-seen artistic pieces that engage your customers.

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