Real Madrid’s official store

Merging digital LED technology and the digitalization of the shirts pick-up system in Real Madrid’s official store

Real Madrid’s official store

Since 2019

A process of digitalization is taking place in all of Real Madrid’s Official Stores, aimed at offering fans a unique and different ‘Madridista experience. Fans also benefit from a personalized treatment, including exclusive offers and an interactive purchasing experience in all of the club’s stores.




TMT Factory

LED Solution

Curved LED screen and digitalization of order processing system and shirt printing


Gran vía 31, Madrid, Spain

The aim was to reduce fans’ waiting time, mainly in the club t-shirts printing area, and enhance their purchasing experience within a modern and trendy setting.
Real Madrid store Real madrid store interior

Thanks to the large format of our LED Displays spaces become more dynamic making it possible to create spectacular backdrops.

The design and implementation of this project was headed by TMT Factory in close collaboration with LED DREAM, an Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions expert. LED DREAM took part in the technical project, manufacturing, distribution and installation of the LED technology, along with all other necessary installations and structures.
The most impressive novelty of this digital re-styling is the spectacular 360 Circular indoor LED screen, situated above the counter of the store’s main entrance that houses the new pick-up system. This clever led screen set-up boasts an 11-meter high by half-a-meter wide format and a 2,880 × 128 pixels resolution.

This new space was designed to enhance the fans’ experience and create a more technological and dynamic space.


Interactive pick-up system

This newly created interactive spot comprising an interactive pick-up system provides up-to-the-minute information to users on the status of their purchase and the printing stage of their shirt. The way this works is easy. Once the client performs an order, the details of the purchase are inserted into a ball, which in turn is launched through a tubular structure down to the pick-up zone located on the ground floor, where the shirt is finally printed. Thanks to the information provided on the screens, the client can follow the status of his purchase and go pick it up at the time indicated. This innovative and simple system makes purchasing a Real Madrid shirt in Gran Vía a finer experience as it reduces clients’ waiting time and allows for a better control of printing volumes.

As technological and audiovisual LED solution experts, LED DREAM keeps providing new digital solutions to their partners and clients!