Media Markt’s digital store

The store of the future continues its commitment towards omnicanality

Media Markt’s digital store

Since 2016

As a crucial part of its marketing strategy, Media Markt reaffirmed its commitment to digitalizing its 80 stores by implementing a digital signage system across Spain and Portugal. The German chain store, dedicated to the sale of household appliances, computing and consumer electronics, wanted to offer their clients a completely different and omnichannel experience when purchasing and selecting from its wide range of products

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Media Markt’s Digital Store, the store of the future that continues its commitment towards omnicanality




Avenue Diagonal 447 in Barcelona, Spain

Clients can now interact with the chain’s virtual catalogues, comprising over 20.000 references which show on touchscreen LED monitors and keep them informed on the latest novelties of each product they click on, ultimately fostering interaction and connection between the brand and the client. It is the first “digital” store experience that combines shopping physically and online product selection. The client is the center of this completely omnichannel experience, within an 870 squared meters space.

Media Markt’s new digital store combines a personalized purchasing experience with the latest digital and omnichannel technology

For this ambitious project, Media Markt collaborated closely with LED DREAM, an expert in providing Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions, as it worked towards digitalizing all its stores. LED DREAM, therefore, participated in the technical project, manufacturing, distribution and installation of the LED technology, along with all necessary equipment and structures. The most impressive novelty of this digital re-styling is the 12 indoor LED screens located in various places of the store. Our Led displays boast a 3,9 mm pitch which allows for a high-quality image display along with over 120 3x3 video-wall monitors that display information about products, special offers and comments left by users on social media. Lastly, one of the most striking areas is the one destined to collect your purchase, where a robot is situated. We installed a 5-meter surface LED banner converting it this way into an informative and exclusive space.

LED DREAM also created interactive content aligned with the company’s branding and content displayed on the LED screens and social media through a digital signage system. Said content is monitored centrally thanks to a content monitor, which simplifies communication on all of Media Markt’s platforms and stores, thus enhancing the customer’s experience.

Media Markt’s new digital store combines a personalized purchasing experience with the latest digital and omnichannel technology

Furthermore, we installed a customized music setting system that allows visitors to select music they wish to hear within the facilities. The system registers preferences, establishing in this way bilateral communication between the brand and the client.
This original idea aims for the brand to get to know clients’ habits and preferences better, to be able to keep evolving through new business models and offer clients the best purchasing experience possible.