Haribo’s stores

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Haribo opts for experiential marketing, using Aroma and Music solutions for its stores in Spain and Portugal

Haribo’s stores

August 2018

The German candy producer and distributor Haribo, took on a comprehensive project to create a musical and aromatic atmosphere for its six stores distributed across Spain and Portugal.

Integral solution

An unique atmosphere for all its stores


Zebra, The Sensory Lab


Aroma y music


Various stores in Spain and Portugal

haribo-ledDream-decoracion-led-iluminacion-tienda-5 haribo-ledDream-decoracion-led-iluminacion-tienda-5

Since September 2018, Haribo stores use a comprehensive experiential marketing solution. Together with its partner Zebra Retail and the close collaboration of the technological solutions expert LED DREAM, the expert The Sensory Lab successfully implemented a comprehensive musical and aromatic solution to meet clients’ expectations and offer them an incredible experience.

A new aromatic and musical setting for all its stores in Spain and Portugal


A distinguishing atmosphere for all its stores

The German company Haribo took a step further towards creating a distinguishing atmosphere for its points of sale, using aromas and music to transmit its brand essence to clients and enhance their purchasing experience.
Six Haribo stores distributed across Spain and Portugal benefited from this musical and atmosphere-setting project, carefully thought to enhance the brand's image and complement the stores' aesthetics. Indeed, the three partners mentioned before joined forces to design an elaborate music program that matched the brand's identity, along with a fully personalized fragrance solution letting out an exclusive scent into the stores.

Furthermore, all the stores received interactive touchscreen xylophones in the shape of pianos for customers and their kids to try out and play the make’s jingle. Their design and composing materials make a great instrument to strengthen musical intelligence and develop children’s fine motor skills.