Vodafone light Christmas up

Vodafone Christmas campaign allowed you to send live congratulations by writing a message

Vodafone light Christmas up

December 2011

LED DREAM along with the Tango agency, brought its know-how and technology to Vodafone’s “Light Up Christmas” 2011 promotion campaign during the Madrid and Valoria la Buena (Valladolid) local celebrations. For both occasions, LED curtain screens were installed in the middle of the street. The screens then displayed messages written on iPads supplied by Vodaphone themselves or by web surfers through their own devices.

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Valoria la Buena, Valladolid, Spain

The aim was to gift something special to Valoria la Buena during these Christmas celebrations, and fill the town with joy as users could send and receive special messages from their loved ones, as well as share them with friends and family.
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Recovering New Year’s Eve

The live event took place between the 13th of December and the 1st of January 2011. The Valladolid-based town is famous for not having celebrated New Year’s Eve since 1995. Indeed, that year’s 31st of December, the town was victim of a blackout which left it without power between 9 PM and dawn, around 1:30 AM. For some reason, following this mishap, New Year’s spirit seems to have left Valoria la Buena and has not yet come back. Instead, locals tend to celebrate their own version of New Year celebrations in August, wearing swimming shorts and shirts.


Vodafone Christmas campaign allowed you to send live congratulations by writing a message of a maximum of 50 characters that appeared on the LED curtains

As a response, thanks to this initiative the Valladolid-based town received the whole of Spain’s best wishes. LED DREAM who had previously installed LED curtains across Madrid’s streets, set-up identical screens in Valoria la Buena. This way, the Valladolid-based inhabitants received congratulatory messages and love from everyone across Spain and got to reclaim 2011 New Year’s Eve celebrations.