Brand campaign Skoda

LED DREAMS technology leads the Skoda campaign, taking place within the Barcelona airport, to success

Brand campaign Skoda

July 2015

The Swedish firm launched a creative competition idea in which users and passengers had to guess the make of the exhibited ‘logoless’ car, without having any idea that it was a Skoda.

LED Solutions

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Vis-tek Agency




Barcelona, Spain

Skoda maintain their original communication strategy, with another unconventional idea, this time in Barcelona’s airport as travelers moving around Terminal 1 in July 2015 came upon an unusual scene. While it is quite common to find exhibited vehicles in these kinds of spaces, never before had they been displayed without any type of logo nor identifier related to their manufacturer. That is just what Skoda did with its “Superb” model, as they placed a big question mark beside it, for airport users to answer the following question displayed on LED screens next to, and under the model: “What make is this car?”.
Skoda-ledDream-aeropuerto-led Skoda-ledDream-led-aeropuerto

New branding campaign offers the user to interact and guess the product’s corporate identity: “What make is this car?”

An “anonymous” car in the middle of Barcelona airport. The aim of this action, created by the Vis-tek agency, was to enhance the brand and model’s visibility with its potential public. That is why LED DREAM along with Essa Punt and Alt120 devised this original stand.


The system comprised a specific app, connected to a built-in screen, which allowed users to participate in the raffle and try guessing the car’s brand. The most striking effect is that of the close to 40 linear meters of P4 FULL COLOR led screens, which with the phrase “WHAT BRAND IS IT?” act as a magnet drawing in Barcelona's T1 passers-by.