Nescafe light Christmas up

Sponsors a new idea for Christmas lighting with LED curtains

Nescafe light Christmas up

December 2014

Barcelona’s ‘Plaça Sarrià’ was chosen to carry out an innovative experiment combining Christmas lighting with social media.

LED Solution

LED Curtains


McCann International Advertising Agency




Plaça Sarrià, Barcelona, Spain

Upon Nescafé’s request the world-renowned ad-agency McCann prompted an original idea. The initiative allowed any message sent through Twitter across any device, to light up the city’s emblematic square the space of a few minutes, under the hashtag #iluminalanavidad or #illuminaelnadal (#lightupchristmas in Spanish and Catalan respectively).

Nescafe creates a one-of-a-kind interactive technological experience by bringing social media onto its digital LED screens.

Christmas is a great moment to share and send your good wishes to others. Surprise your loved ones by sending a special tribute to our LED screens (curtains) and share the moment on social media, all thanks to a tweet.
LED DREAM’s curtain wall-type LED screens were seen as the best way to display the messages. The team’s professional qualities and acquired experience in similar projects such as Tous’ Christmas tree and the campaign it had led for Vodafone a few years before made the Terrassa-based company a perfect choice for this project.

Nescafe sponsors a new Christmas lighting concept


The moment was then captured on camera and a photograph of it was sent back to the user across social media, for him to share with anyone of choice

This idea is the perfect solution to citizens’ growing desire to take part, share and connect in projects. Thanks to it, anybody wishing to take part of the whole experience could send a message from any place in the world and give Plaça Sarrià a unique look during these Christmas celebrations.