DAU Colonial Corporate Offices

A mesmerizing U-shaped LED screens layout in the DAU building’s entrance

DAU Colonial Corporate Offices

June 2020

The emblematic edification, owned by Colonial, can be found on Avenida Diagonal, one of Barcelona’s most hip and happening zones. In need of new spaces and a trendier and more modern look, the DAU building was recently redesigned, giving way to digital technology and LED equipment. The entrance, most changed, is now probably the most mesmerizing space in the building.

LED Solution

Indoor LED Display


TMT Factory




Barcelona, Spain

The objective of this integral work has been to provide the building with new spaces, many more modern and adapted to the current trend. And within this renovation, the hall of the building is where a more spectacular and differentiating space has been created.
dau-leddream-led-decoracion-pantallasled dau-leddream-corporate-led

Finding the perfect balance between digital art, the environment, social awareness, and LED screens

TMT Factory and LED DREAM, an Indoor and Outdoor LED solutions expert, collaborated to design and implement this spectacular project. Thanks to the collaboration, LED DREAM participated in manufacturing, distributing, and installing the LED equipment, along with all other necessary structures and installations. The project was a success. The total screen area covered is 80m2, offering a 4K resolution, high quality images and superior color depth.

Be amazed by the result!


LED screens installed for you to immerse yourself in breath-taking content

This project is furthermore intended as an artistic digital space for the DAU building’s entrance, as the LED screens were installed in a way that immerses its spectator in breath-taking content. Any witness of this artistic creation can experience images of our planet Earth and exotic landscapes, big data, particles, and other geometrical shapes or even striking meteorological phenomena evolving at different speeds and frequencies. One of the most noteworthy aspects of the content displayed in this hall is its tribute to the fight against climate change.

Through this project, LED DREAM hopes to have shown you one of the multiple ways in which applications and LED technology can be used in big corporative or institutional spaces, to create unique and memorable experiences. This project positions itself among the Top 5 Audiovisual Projects My City Barcelona by ISE e Invidis Consulting GmbH