Real Madrid’s official stores

Digitalizing all of Real Madrid’s official stores thanks to digital signage and audiovisual technology

Real Madrid’s official stores

Since 2017

A process of digitalization is taking place in all of Real Madrid’s Official Stores, aimed at offering fans a unique and different ‘Madridista experience. Fans also benefit from a personalized treatment, including exclusive offers and an interactive purchasing experience in all of the club’s stores.


All of Real Madrid’s official stores




Creation and management of interactive content (creation from scratch or based on content sent by the client), creation of video marketing campaigns and differently formatted products.


Spain, Portugal and Mexico

Real-Madrid-Bernabeu-LedDream-Digital-Signage-geston-colas Real-Madrid-Bernabeu-LedDream-Digital-Signage-geston-colas

Impacting interactive experiences and breath-taking content

Real Madrid’s continues its commitment towards digitalizing all its stores. Indeed, the football club’s official stores entrusted Channel4you, through their partner LED DREAM with creating interactive content aligned with the company’s branding and managing content to be displayed on LED screens through a digital signage system.

Real madrid y leddream

LED Displays with the latest news and launches

These LED screens display information in real-time like latest novelties and launching of new team equipment, dynamic content for sports results, number of goals scored per player, number of trophies and new players signed. LED DREAM also designed several visual pieces of work, created from scratch or sent in by the client, destined for advertising purposes, interactive Real Madrid banners, and marketing campaign videos or products in different formats, all complementing the brand’s style and personality.
Additionally, a content management system allows to monitor it in a centralized manner, facilitating its communication on all platforms and ultimately enhancing the customer’s experience. Lastly, Real Madrid needed a queue management system for its outlets, especially for its Bernabéu store. Its implementation was a success, as it streamlined the customer flow of the store, ultimately enhancing the visitors’ purchasing experience.