Nespresso Boutique

Spectacular curved LED Display for its new space in Barcelona

Nespresso Boutique

October 2015

The NESPRESSO company decided to take its image as a coffee boutique a step further as it opened its Flagship Store in Barcelona, located on Passeig de Gràcia, 55 (Bulevard Rosa).

LED Solution

Curved & Indoor LED Display






Passeig de Gràcia 55, Barcelona, Spain

This new boutique concept incorporates an innovative design of spaces and materials, seeking to create a place that can become a point of reference for coffee connoisseurs and the coffee tasting experience in Barcelona.
Pantallaledcurva Nespresso-retail-LedDream-iluminacion-bcn

A new Boutique concept, innovative design of spaces and use of audiovisual elements that set the standard and enhance customers’ coffee tasting experience

Among all the innovative and breathtaking elements that incorporate this space, the boutique’s curved LED screen placed in the middle of the main hall truly stands out. This iconic project was carried out by LED DREAM, who in collaboration with their partner Net-IP took care of distributing and installing the whole system.


Spectacular curved LED Display for its new space in Barcelona

The LED screen which boasts a 6mm pixel resolution for a 15 meters long surface uses a specific type of flexible modules, making it possible to achieve the wavy shapes which characterize Parisotto e Fomenton’s prestigious architecture studio, a project carried out along by Pilar Libano’s local team.
Thanks to this new installation, Nespresso positions itself as an uncontested leader of its sector, while LED DREAM confirms once more its expertise in carrying out unique and special projects for the retail industry.