Multimedia digital façade in the Puerto Venecia shopping resort

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Leddream Group and Hubtech create a new concept of dynamic digital facade of more than 140m2 of total surface and unique in Spain

Multimedia digital façade in the Puerto Venecia shopping resort

July 2022

Puerto Venecia launches a new image. They have renovated their Terrace areas and are in the process of remodeling outdoor areas with greener, more modern and digital spaces, offering new differentiating experiences that surprise and connect with visitors. Puerto Venecia located in Zaragoza, is in the process of an ambitious remodeling project for its outdoor areas. The first phase of the project, the terrace area, which ended at the beginning of this year, is completed with the exterior digital façade. These spaces have always been very emblematic and differentiating for the shopping resort in order to improve the user experience and increase the comfort of its visitors.


LED display / 2D, 3D anamorphic content / Digital lighting on die-cut panels and dynamic stairs


Puerto Venecia / Cbre Spain / HubTech / Lumalia Studio / Channel4you


Zaragoza, Spain



The objective of this comprehensive remodeling is to transform the outdoor spaces of the shopping resort of more than 32,000 square meters, into greener and more sustainable areas, including new digital media that promote new experiences to share and enjoy with family and friends. These are concepts that represent the identity of the brand and reinforce its position as one of the reference centers for leisure and family destinations in Zaragoza, Aragón and neighboring communities. This comprehensive project, the construction management and the Project management, has been led by IDOM engineering. Within this reform, after the renovation phase of the terraces, a new concept of dynamic digital facade has been created located at a strategic point that joins the Boulevard area with the Gallery and Leisure shopping area. For this ambitious digitization project, Puerto Venecia has relied on LEDDREAM Group and its integrating partner HubTech, for the transformation of the digital façade of the shopping resort. The Egarense group has taken charge of this Digital Out Of Home experience from the conceptualization, design, development, and execution of the new digital facade of more than 140m2 of total surface. It is a special and innovative project, a totally groundbreaking new digital concept that makes it unique in Spain. A wide range of video hardware together with dynamic digital lighting, in addition to combining different synchronized content managers, with ad hoc visual content: dynamic templates for real-time content playback, 2D and 3D content creation. Everything to create a unique and immersive experience in one of the main entrances of the shopping center.
3D inmersivo en fachada digital puerto venecia 3D inmersivo en fachada digital puerto venecia

The element has been divided into 3 different areas that, through integration, programming and content work synergistically and together.

1. The LED Screen becomes a digital and artistic canvas with a total area of ​​32m2, its main function is to support information and entertainment. With 4.8mm outdoor pixel pitch and powerful brightness for perfect visibility, both day and night. Its uniqueness lies in its angular format, its corner where the 2 sides of the screen meet is rounded and not finished in a 90 degree cut, smoothing the transition and union between both sides.

2.- The dynamic digital facade on die-cut panels, designed and produced by Lumalia Studio, a company of the LED DREAM group, integrates the space both technologically and architecturally. The facade extends the LED screen in a game of synchrony and contrast, expanding the video content of the screen and contrasting with color ranges and lighting. In conjunction with the stands, it serves as a reflection of the vertical garden of the opposite façade.

3.- Lighting system in the new grandstand area: The content and video effects of the digital façade are expanded in an enveloping way, following the movements and color ranges naturally. The indirect lighting bath on the stone emphasizes its texture by filling the space with light and color, especially when daylight falls.

Architecture, LED technology, digital content and digital lighting come together to create a new immersive and highly innovative space. Specially manufactured and customized design for the Puerto Venecia project.

3D inmersivo en fachada digital puerto venecia

Immersive 3D in the Digital facade. A new DOOH dimension

The Contents: Through Channel4You, a company specialized in content creation and management of the LED DREAM group, different pieces of visual content have been created, from landscapes, nature, way of life, fluids and shapes, bumpers, advertisements and corporate events, etc. Particle content with perspectives and 3D depth combined in the part of LED screens and Digital lighting has also been designed. All these contents are synchronized with the backgrounds and color ranges of the digital lighting of the façade and the stands; and at the same time they have the flexibility to work independently for more specific applications. Content that surprises visitors and causes a stir on social networks!