Hiper Pas Shopping center

60M2 Outdoor LED Display

Hiper Pas Shopping center

October 2017

The Hiper Pas group is one of the fastest-growing family businesses in Andorra, comprising 18 establishments, with its own Purchasing Headquarters, 13 supermarkets, and four specialist shops, distributed across the country. Recently, the group entrusted us with renovating the façade of its main shopping center, located in the Pyrenees Pas de la casa.

LED Solutions

Outdoor LED Display






Street Major, 26, Pas de la Casa, Andorra

This large area, which occupies a block of several floors, represents a "magnificent opportunity to improve the customer experience, offer great shopping center benefits and strengthen itself in an important area of influence in the French market". The shopping center receives over 9 million visitors a year, who upon arrival are greeted by more.
hiperpass-leddream-led-LedDream hiperpass-leddream-led-LedDream

Prompting digital transformation

This project was designed and implemented by our partner Impexelec in close collaboration with LED DREAM, which specializes in providing Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions, for the launching of a large piece of LED equipment that has turned into one of the most striking ones in Andorra.

To execute this project, we designed, manufactured and assembled a spectacular Outdoor LED screen. The large piece of work covering a 60 square meters surface features adjustable levels of lighting of up to 7000 nits and a 10mm SMD pixel pitch that allows for high-definition content to be displayed. This enormous banner usually leaves visitors astonished upon going through the shopping center’s main entrance, and you would never guess it was produced in a record time of only three weeks.


This space serves LED DREAM to demonstrate applications and technological solutions focused on creating memorable experiences in retail environments: an industry in which more and more people are betting on to create spectacular spaces that generate a WOW effect.