Gran Jonquera Outlet & Shopping Center

One of the biggest outdoor LED Displays in Spain

Gran Jonquera Outlet & Shopping Center

Juny 2014

Based on a large 30x5 meters LED screen, this complex project for the façade of La Jonquera Shopping Center posed a real challenge to LED DREAM’s team. From its design to its implementation in June 2014 however, the project was carried out in a record time of only ten weeks.

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Mega Outdoor LED Display


Gran Jonquera Shopping center




La Jonquera, Girona

The LED screen is the biggest one of its kind in Spain, as it covers a total surface of 150 m2, boasting a 15 mm pixel pitch and high-brightness LEDs. As the shopping center already existed by then, the main challenge for LED DREAM was to stabilize the gigantic screen on the elevated part of the building. That is why we designed and manufactured a principal supporting structure anchored to the main building, along with supporting frames for each LED panel. A true challenge for our engineering department.
Centro comercial Gran Jonquera Centro comercial Gran Jonquera- Led Dream

One of the biggest outdoor LED Displays in Spain

This screen sticks out for its superior color depth of over 281 trillion colors and its 6.000 Hz screen refresh rate, among other technical features. Furthermore, thanks to a high protection rating IP66, the frames above mentioned are fully equipped to withstand the harshest weather. The large screen placed on the main façade of La Jonquera Shopping Center enhances the shopping center’s visibility as every year, it receives over twenty-four million visitors. Indeed, the screen displays content and images of the premises and all its stores, noticeable from N-II and AP-7 that border between France and Spain’s entry and exit points.