Shoko – Restaurant & Lounge Beach Club

Impressive LED screens and digital lighting for Shoko, a totally interactive and digital design

Shoko – Restaurant & Lounge Beach Club

2018 - 2019

Shoko Restaurant & Lounge Club is one of the references for leisure in Spain, present in various sectors including nightclubs, concerts, and gastronomy. Indeed, it has hosted major events, like the Premios Ondas, Formula 1, MTV awards and the 080 Fashion week, both in Madrid and Barcelona.

Integral Solution

Indoor LED Display & Digital Lighting




More (Comprehensive digitalization)


Barcelona - Madrid, Spain

As a reference for nightlife and its constant evolution, Shoko decided to implement an exclusive digital lighting system and state-of-the-art robotics, to complement its “soulful” walls. The renovation was a success creating a spectacular, interactive and very creative space.
shoko-LedDream-PantallasLed shoko-LedDream-Pantallas Led

Unique spaces with character thanks to digital lighting

This project was designed and implemented by our partner IBERSOUND in close collaboration with LED DREAM, an Indoor & Outdoor LED solutions expert. The two companies joined forces to develop a brand-new range of digital lighting products. Thanks to our LED technology, this new binding element provides spaces with an added value and an infinite number of opportunities to play with light and enhance experiences in a unique and memorable way.

LED DREAM took care of distributing the digital lighting equipment, comprising a 37,5mm video grid, embellished by a polycarbonate structure on its front side, specifically designed for this space. Indeed, the equipment, made to create spectacular effects, can change the room’s color of lighting in harmony with synchronized content and even to the rhythm of music, allowing to transmit emotions and customized messages in real-time. In addition, the columns were also lined with digital LED strips.

Impressive LED screens and digital lighting for Shoko, a totally interactive and digital design

shoko-Led Dream- Pantallas Led

A perfect balance

Other striking elements of this operation are our 3.91mm Indoor LED screens covering a total surface of 15m2, which IBERSOUND laid out in an original design of irregular shapes, resulting in a spectacular sight!
An innovative solution based on interactivity, and a balance between digital lighting, the user’s experience and an elegantly designed room.