Sala Apolo in Barcelona

Sala Apolo in Barcelona

March 2012

The Sala Apolo in Barcelona is a European benchmark, counting over 35 years of history, and is viewed as one of the most iconic nocturnal venues in Barcelona. Whatever the popular style of music at the time, Apolo has lived through them all. Indeed, its varied and intense schedule includes live music performances ranging from rock, to flamenco, reggae, hip hop, electronic music, rumba, pop or even folk.

LED Solution

Flexible LED Curtains


Sala Apolo




Avenue Paral·lel, Barcelona, Spain

Sala Apolo also becomes an opportunity for both new and well-established artists, local and international artists to take the stage, and offer alternative and quality musical propositions.
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New unique spaces, with character

Our engineering company, specialized in providing tailormade LED solutions, installed flexible LED curtains for Sala Apolo’s main stage together with a rigid LED curtain for its exterior façade. The 14m2 flexible LED curtain (arranged in 4 strips of 0,9m wide by 3,6m high) features a 37.5mm Pixel Pitch resolution, is held up by structural straps, and is surprisingly mobile.
Depending on the party or performance, Sala Apolo can decide to use the screen or not. Indeed, two engines allow for the screen to be retracted and hidden behind the stage, on the outer part of the Sala Apolo façade. Lastly, a 7m2 LED curtain of 12mm resolution informs users of the performances happening next in the legendary nightclub.